Thursday, November 24

Thurs. Nov. 24th... Happy Thanksgiving...and...Looking Beyond our Nose...

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Today is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the western world!
Almost every religion...if not all religions...can and do celebrate this day of thanksgiving! Everyone, without personal religious contravention, may conduct this special celebration with a gathering of friends and family for a feast in the tradition of giving thanks for all our blessings.
We participate in this annual day of thanks by gathering at a designated home within our family and stuff ourselves unmercifully and sometimes unwittingly for this
(hopefully) one day. Our doctor recently reminded us that Thanksgiving Day is a day for celebration....and to not worry about our diet. He also quickly reminded us that it is Thanksgiving DAY, NOT days....or week!
Eat well, eat plenty...Enjoy family and friends, but remember your health and tomorrow. Below is a
(comic) reply to my blog of Tuesday the 22nd, which came from a well known blogger in the Long Island area of New York. I say comic, because he is bludgeoned regularly if he eats one potatoes in the shape of fries...or a lardy donut...candy or anything there DUDE!!! Now, with that stated, explained and...realizing that he is smiling at my “got ya back”...AHEAD of his reply to Tuesdays post and understand that you can indeed smile at this response, even though I can envision others uttering this very reply under their breath. (Uttering...ONLY in the fear of their loving wives hearing them)
You can read more of his wit and humor
(and possibly a posting such as this for Thanksgiving) regularly at:

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Last evening my wife , I and several friends, read your blog about attending a presentation about health, diet and living...called “Life at its Best”, presented at the Greenville Library and almost spit out our meatballs. Their mission is simple...they want you to stop and THINK! Think about your HEALTH......Mental - Physical – Spiritual. They simply want you to...Think about your LIFE, Think about the CHOICES you make, Think about your FUTURE And know there is HOPE! They want YOU to be HEALTHY and HAPPY! They want to assist you on your journey to Health, Healing and Happiness in life by offering you a free Multi-Media Health Presentation called, “Life at its Best”...with Dr. Walter Veith.
If in truth they wanted ME to be happy they would have made me Bacon and ribs and a juicy t-bone wrapped in bacon and kept their fruit and veggies for those pansy yuppie vegans in Albany and the Hamptons. There is nothing that makes me happier than eating things that come from animals. Whether it is smoked or deep fried, that makes me happy, giddy and filled with glee. Grilled Organ meat brings me closer to God- I know people who have seen that white light and still come back for a second helping. Keep your fish oil and fish iron. If I wanted iron I’d eat a crowbar. I am a carnivore. A meat eating animal, Lions and tigers can be healthy at 700 pounds, why not me? Do I look like a chipmunk or squirrel? Keep your nuts and legumes and fill my belly with potatoes if you want me to be happy. Baked, fried, broiled, boiled, fluffed, stuffed, AuGratin, chipped and skinned will make me smile every time. Salad makes me frown. It is the free crap that high end restaurants give you, so they can give you half the amount of meat and potatoes that you crave and still get you to pay the check. Offer any starving person in Nigeria a choice of a bunch of healthy potassium filled bananas or a bucket of KFC and they will pick the Colonels secret recipe every time. And so will the dudes and duchesses in the nursing homes in Pennsylvania. I have concrete proof. People need to quit kidding themselves! Eating healthy sucks and is about as mentally enjoyable, physically pleasant and spiritually satisfying as chewing on a burlap sack. Go to a movie and eat apple slices and some plain yogurt? I think not! Order the garbage pail of buttered popcorn, extra large nachos with an extra helping of cheese, and a gallon of Diet Orange Fanta soda. Now you can chow down and enjoy the flick in peace. Unless the thinking moron with the celery stalks and veggie chips starts crunching again and we have to move to the first row to hear. And as eating and viewing sports on TV or attending an engagement party , Keep your sushi and give me a 3 cheese and pepperoni calzone and a beer. And I mean a real beer, not one of those lite water down, whiz ‘em as soon as you chug them beers. Something with haps, barley, alcohol and no fruit... keep that lime or lemon for your girly martinis. You want me to think about my health and healing, just give me a bag of some frozen peas so I can put them on my jaw after I hit the floor in a drunken stupor. You would think that a seminar called “Life at its Best” would be about lard, liquor and getting laid. So there!
And I double dare ya to print THIS, lil dose of reality MR “Be who you are and say what you feel!”
So there you have it folks....have a great Thanksgiving no matter how you believe we should enjoy it!

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