Tuesday, November 22

Tues, Nov. 22, 2011... “Life at its Best”...What A Wonderful Concept......

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Last evening Vick, I and several friends, attended a presentation about health, diet and living...called “Life at its Best”, presented at the Greenville Library.

We were privileged to watch this presentation by Walter and Joan, a wonderful couple who run a 501 (C) (3) organization, addressing the WHOLE YOU - the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of life.
Their mission is simple...they want you to stop and THINK! Think about your HEALTH......Mental - Physical – Spiritual.
They simply want you to...Think about your LIFE, Think about the CHOICES you make, Think about your FUTURE And know there is HOPE!
They want YOU to be HEALTHY and HAPPY! They want to assist you on your journey to Health, Healing and Happiness in life by offering you a free Multi-Media Health Presentation called, “Life at its Best”...with Dr. Walter Veith.
It was a very eye opening presentation about statics gathered by multiple studies about how our diets affect our health and it compared results from the western world to other places such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Africa to name a few. It was a very eye opening presentation based on factual scientific data, which would make the most skeptic person sit up and take notice. I know Vick and I were impressed and so were our friends. Some of our friends were already practicing this type of living, and Vick and I have been slowly moving in this direction, so last evening was just a boost for us. If you are interested in more information about their program....WHICH IS FREE... simply go to their website and check them out. It is
http://alltnew.org/ ALL THINGS NEW – Mind Body Spirit.
Another nice thing, was their generous gift of a large basket of fruits and veggies, which was offered as a Thanksgiving Basket...presented to each and every participant in their program. They will run another session of the program at 2 PM this afternoon and I hope they have a better turnout than last evening, because it is such an inspirational program for better living....and presented by the greatest couple. Check out their website using the link above.....
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We have been racing around the farm, trying to get everything finished and ready before the snow flies. We finished the generator....all but installing the battery, which I am reluctant to install until the Kosco gas man arrives and pipes it up, connecting it to a new propane tank which will supply the new generator, the gas range and gas dryer. They will pull our old tank and replace it with another one...twice as big as the older one. Once they leave, we will be forever protected against loss of heat, lights and water in the event of another power failure from Mother Nature or equipment failure.
I still have two tons of pellets sitting outside on pallets which need to be transferred into the tractor shed extension, where they will remain until used throughout the winter month. At least we can use the pellet stove when power is lost, because the generator will power these things previously lost.
The barns are winter proofed and the animals are as comfortable as can be expected. If the chickens would only begin laying their eggs again to pay for their feed....it would be nice. Once they start and we can supply customer demand again, all things will be much better.

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