Thursday, November 17

Thurs, Nov. 17th... It Comes...As Surely As The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow...

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I was out early this morning and felt the coming of the season... More and more, the smells of fall are disappearing... going into that familiar dormancy of winter.
The sweet smell of fall leaves and wet earth are diluting in the chill of the air and each weather report on television reverberates within my brain, that which I feel in my bones. Most all the leaves are now upon the ground, except for the hardy oaks which hang on til the bitter end...sometimes not relinquishing their grasp until a new leaf of spring promises to continue the vigil, allowing the old, weathered sentry to retire to the forest floor, once and for all.
Upon my morning visit to a friend to return a borrowed object... We spoke of the peace and tranquility of nature when you slip into its bailiwick and remain quiet and unannounced. She invited Vick and me to enter her private and very spiritual place, hidden toward the rear of her property. She calls it, quite appropriately, “The Hemlock Forest”, which she only visits during the cold months, when she does not have to share it with ticks and mosquitoes.
How I love to sit in a pine glen with the breeze gently swaying the pine needles, as the wind whispers an almost indistinguishing shhhhhh... I feel that breeze upon my face; much like Gods breath and it’s as if the wind is telling me that if I’m silent...more will be reveled unto me. I used to sit in the woods and watch nature’s animals, the light filtering through the trees, casting their constantly moving shadows and the wind as it plays tag with the remaining leaves of fall. It was here I could drift back into my memories of childhood and visit with departed friends and family members. How easy it is to choose between memories of my youthful experiences... my family activities... or simply zone out in meditation. Sometimes I would simply doze off in the comfortable heat of the mid-day sun as it warmed my body amidst the chill. All these things were, and still are, very enjoyable and free.
I plan to expose Vick to this experience as soon as the ticks are packed up and gone to their winter resort, promising not to return until next spring. As I said before, when we go...I’ll take the camera with zoom lens and multiplier used for capturing those special moments only available to those who patiently wait for them to occur. Some of my fondest memories of being in the woods revolve around simply sitting and observing my surroundings. A chipmunk scurrying about, taking care of its daily task of survival, becomes an interesting documentary and there is no limit to the additional wonders of nature which presents itself when you blend into your surroundings while afield. Whatever you see and experience is well worth the wait in allowing it to materialize in its own time. You should really consider trying it yourself!
It takes no special ability gain permission from a landowner to slip into a tranquil area of the forest with a seat, field glasses and a camera for a few hours of blissful relaxation and enjoyment. Honest!

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