Friday, December 16

Friday, December 16, 2011...Pain, fear, Love, anticipation, regret...WOW...

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Remove Formatting from selection always seems we’re dealing with some kind of feelings; be it our own or someone else’s.....both close to us and of strangers. This world is a difficult place to live at times, because of those feelings. It’s difficult to understand how our feelings do not mean anything to certain folks around us, when everyone’s feelings are important to us. Does it not burden your heart to see someone with an incurable it someone close to us or a person we’ve never met before? My heart bleeds every time I think of a small child, lying all alone...scared and shivering, in a huge hospital bed, knowing their future is hanging on the extent of man’s knowledge of medicine. Somehow, even through their sparse realization of what is happening, they show fear for what lies ahead...not just plain fear... but fear of the unknown, which is understood by all but them!
How depressing the thought of future events can become if we choose to obscure the beauty also prevalent in everyday life. Who will we meet tomorrow? What will we experience that is new and exciting and how many times will we laugh when spending time with family and friends? Feelings are one emotion we can change by searching deep within ourselves to assign deftness to those feelings...comparative, superlative meanings inherent to wonderful occurrences.....beyond what could have been. For instance...instead of fixating upon fear of the unknown, we can rely on a new adventure and opportunity; the chance to become aware of...or better yet...become a part of a never before experienced phenomena.
I often think of all the things which I cannot control and wonder then...why I even expend a moment of my life thinking of that which will be, for it will be...without me thinking about it. If I spend this time learning or loving...singing or sharing with another person in need, did I not engage in a better experience of life?
To make another person feel love, happiness, joy and contentment, is a gift of God......meant for us to bestow on one another... for loving one another is the greatest gift of all. Helping another to feel love and cared for, by taking away the fear and solitude of loneliness, is something which that person will never forget.
The Christmas season is upon us and we are beginning to hear Christmas songs with some pretty strong meanings and special thoughts. Just listen to Alan Jackson’s song called “Let It Be Christmas” and feel the words. Christmas is a time of learning...a time of understanding that which our heavenly father wants us to feel every day in our lives. Love, understanding, patience, sharing, caring and enjoying life is one aspect of the message..........Another thing everyone should do at some point in the next few months, while the snow is blowing and drifting, is to pick up a copy of the book, "Into the Light: Real Life Stories about Angelic Visits, Visions of the Afterlife, and Other Pre-Death Experiences" [Paperback] by John Lerma.
Finally, a scientist and doctor that attempts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. The 16 stories of individuals from all walks of life are extraordinary and uplifting and it does communicate a very hopeful message about the existence of a heavenly reprieve beyond this life.
Warning......the author does signify that you had better accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior before you do die, so......what has he heard from those 2,000 plus dying patients, that would make him say something like that when he is trying to bridge the scientific and spiritual gap...? Does he not think some religions will scream poppy-cock at that notion? I guess he feels strongly and doesn’t care but to give the warning...... Anyway, get the book and it might just change your life! One of the stories is about a person in a fairly new emergency room where he was resuscitated back to life and related later, his out of body experience of floating overhead, around the room, as the doctor and emergency staff worked to revive him. He mentioned to the doctor that while floating around the room overhead, he noticed a 1981 quarter lying on top of one of the pieces of emergency room equipment, which was over seven feet or so tall. He asked the doctor if he would check to see if there was really a quarter on that piece of equipment or whether he might have been dreaming it during his oxygen deficient state. The doctor later entered the emergency room suite with a ladder and his staff and there covered with a light dust, on top of the equipment was a quarter...with the date of the exact corner the patient directed him to. Weird? Coincidental? I think not!! It seems pretty factual to me....but then I’m a believer who has already seen and heard enough of my own experiences, but another story not told today..... Pick the book up. You’ll be glad you did.

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