Saturday, December 17

Saturday, December 17, 2011...In Just A Week, It’s Christmas Eve Again......

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Yes in less than eight days, it will be Christmas morning and I’ll have made it for another sixtieth one to be exact! Sixty years and the excitement is still actually the same....different, but the same! Years and years ago, I would await the arrival of Santa Clause with his presents to be placed under the tree of course...but never did a Christmas arrive that we were not reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. How Joseph and Mary found no room at the Inn and were directed to a stable, where Mary gave birth to our savior, Jesus Christ the lord...Son of God almighty.
In this day and age I wonder if there is much of a place in man’s heart for the poor carpenter that gave his life on a cross on Calgary that we may be free, forgiven and saved to be accepted into heaven before his Father. One would hope that such a personal sacrifice...made for each of us, would never be forgotten and his birthday celebration would be the ultimate of importance at this time of the year.
Forget him and he would have every right to forget you! BUT he won’t, for he is a loving God and wants us to be at his side. All one must do is simply ask him to come into your heart. He will never forsake your heartfelt request.
Today...we had a less than exciting day in the hospice gift shop. We opened at twelve noon and awaited shoppers until four o’clock this afternoon. We didn’t have one single shopper stop by, so Vick and I spent the afternoon arranging items, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot spiced apple cider. What a really super relaxing day! We will open tomorrow again at the same time...for the same amount of hours. I sure hope tomorrow is busier than today!!!!!!!
All the alpacas were out for the day, all together again...eating hay in the east barnyard. I turned the Suri’s loose for the second time and there was absolutely no we allowed them to stay in the big barn with the five other Huacaya alpacas. This is a great accomplishment, considering that sometime in the near future, Max the Llama will arrive and he is already acquainted with all five of the Huacayas and will only have to meet Slugger and Phoenix, the two new Suri’s.
I have already found a flaw in the yarn swift I created to sell. It seems the original fear that the yarn would be stretched too long to stay on the swift after the inital winding, wetting and weighting it down to stretch and set the spin. It seems the entire thing SHRUNK.... not allowing it to fit back on the swift at all so we could use the ball winder to make a skein ball. WOW....back to the drawing board!
However...I do believe I may have solved the problem already, but that remains to be seen with a trial and error session later, because I need to buy an additional piece tomorrow, which I don’t have here now.
There is a black bear around which was a visitor at our neighbor’s house last night. I sure hope I don’t have to end up eating bear steaks...but I cannot tolerate a bear poking around here, smashing into the chicken coops, killing our stock. It would even be possible it could go after the sheep and alpacas during the night, so if it comes around too’s a dead bruin. Plain and simple! It’s bear season right now, so I hope some hunter is successful in harvesting it before I have to.
I hate bears! They never belong to the state when you lose livestock to them, but just shoot one causing damage and the game protectors are right up your butt! Well can't have it both ways!

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  1. Wishing you a merry Christmas and to thank you for being a reader on Amish Stories. Richard


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