Friday, December 23

Thurs. Dec. 23rd...Two Days Until Christmas...AND The second Day of Winter...

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I know...I know; there’s no excuse for my neglect to post more often, but I’m burnt out. We’re finally done with all the planned things we wanted to get done before the snow flew...and we did it. Of course, the really warm, unusual weather for this time of the year helped, but it also made it far easier for us to pursue things we have wanted to do and couldn’t.
yesterday our neighbor delivered the first two, of eight round hay bales, we ordered for the winter and brought his Leinbach three point hitch bale spear along for me to put on the Cub Cadet, I asked if he would bring the unit over so we could see if I can handle a huge round bale with our tractor before buying one of my own. Well... it was a good test and I moved the huge bale into the barnyard with no problem. Later in the day, we went to Smiley’s equipment yard, a few miles away and we bought one that I can fix up. It was really cheap... much less than the $262.00 quote for the materials to make my own and then I would have had to do the work and welding. I also got enough material to repair the pole light at the end of the driveway I broke off last winter. I couldn’t find a base, nor could I find the material to make a new one until maybe today, I’ll cut and fabricate a new lamp post base and get it installed again. (maybe)
All the alpacas are now together and doing fine. There was no fighting, which I was afraid would take place with two new Suri’s being intact and Luke also being intact. I figured there would be lots of fighting among the un-neutered males, which would be common as they spar for their spot on the dominance ladder. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved. Now I know they will all be together in the barn, snuggled together contentedly...keeping warm on those frigid, windy, cold January nights.
We are still not getting enough eggs to make the poultry portion of the farm worthwhile. If someone came and offered me a dollar per bird, I would sell them all but a few for ourselves and would have the ducks and fiber animals only! I hate chickens!!! we are on the second day of winter 2011...Not exactly a major thing to behold with temperatures in the high forties during the day and the mercury hanging exactly at forty last ten o’clock in the evening! I just hope it continues. We have a plow blade set up for the bucket on the tractor, the bucket and a snow blower, all ready for use, but I wouldn’t care if we didn’t need to use them at all this winter. We made great strides to be winter ready with all this equipment in place and ready and the new 8Kw standby generator. For once, we have a great feeling of accomplishment. The four tons of wood pellets for the stove help that feeling too!
We are in a position now to be able to advertise and open the hospice gift shop more often too. With nothing else pulling at us, we can go in and enjoy spending the day being open, meeting new folks and raising funds for hospice. We have a two hundred dollar check in the account to send off to hospice for last weekend’s open house. It feels good to be of support for such a worthy cause.

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