Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday, January 18, 2012...Busy, Busy...Always Busy...That’s What We Do...

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Busy isn’t a new word here on the farm. It gives two ol’ retired folks like Vic and I something to do to keep us out of trouble! I have my fiber tool project going in the basement, which is on hold at the moment, until we can get a more efficient work area set up and going by moving some shelving around and installing two more work tables next to the existing work bench. The production equipment can then be organized better and I can start to produce swifts, combs and drop spindles.
At the moment, we’re working at a friend’s barn doing building work and any other odd job tasks he has to raise a little extra cash.
We are also working at another friend’s house doing some remodeling for them. They get reduced labor from a friend they can trust and we make a little extra too. Everyone’s happy!!!!
The farm is it always does in the winter. Nothing new is going on and nothing new is going to happen until fair weather returns. The animals are hanging in there....we are duck-sitting for the restaurant folks....and we are dumping chickens. We have sold off approximately forty-three chickens thus far and have more people interested.
The round bail lifter I rebuilt for the back of the tractor is completed and works like a new one. Now we just have to get our other six round bails we paid for we should be good until spring. That means the alpacas and sheep would have to eat two full round bales a month....taking three months.... or running into April, which seems to me quite unlikely....They haven’t eaten more than one bale in a month and a half to two months. At that rate we would be well into the summer with bales left over, so I’m not worried.
We are still discussing the agisting issue and looking at the long term affect it would have on the farm and our income. We will decide soon and if so, will start to advertise locally.
Other than that, everything remains the same...Busy...Busy....Busy

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