Saturday, January 21

Saturday January 21, 2012... And The Snow Came....But Not Like They Said......

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So here we are with our third little snow of the season...Only two worth mentioning though...for the other was a skiff of snow, less than an inch deep. I’d say this isn’t to awfully bad for the twenty-first of January. Our friend Linda returns today from Florida where she was visiting her son Marty. What a change of temperature she has to deal with after walking on the beach daily all this time! Well, anyway....WELCOME home Sis! Hope you don’t freeze today on your first day home.

This morning, I got up and replaced a zone valve for the downstairs heat. The old one would turn on, but it wouldn’t modulate to the closed position to turn the heat off when the thermostat was satisfied, so I ordered a new updated valve two days ago. It arrived yesterday while we were out, so I saved that job for first thing this morning. Now all is working correctly again.
Looks like I can now go into the basement and finish the yarn swift I will begin making for eBay and our webpage. It will have six adjustable feet which will make skeins measuring from 37 up to 72 inches. When collapsed to the smaller size, it will fit nicely into a box for reasonable shipping. If we were not going to make the feet collapsible, we would be shipping a package of at least 25 x 25 x 14” package weighing well over five pounds, making the shipping outrageous. Instead, it will be around 15 x 15 x 14” which should drop the shipping cost some.
Looks like I’ll leave the animals in today since it is cold and snowy. All they will do is go to a corner of the building and group and huddle together to stay warm, not moving anyway. There is no bare grass or open water for the ducks and nothing for the chickens to pick around in anyway, so we might as well just leave them inside on days such as this. It’s warmer for them anyway, considering there is nothing natural they can do out there anyway.
If we get bored......we can always go to the hospice gift shop and work in there for awhile....and I also have a book to publish for a lady down the road, so perhaps I’ll try to contact her and get that started.
Stay warm and tuned in for pictures of all the yarn swifts and perhaps a comb set!

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