Friday, February 10

Friday, February 10, 2012...Squeezing the Creative Juices Once More......

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The last several days we have been spending trying to catch up and get back to normal. We have come to a lull in the building process right now, because we need to go to Lowe’s with Judy to pick out materials for the remodeling of her bathroom. Unfortunately.....and fortunately......that could not happen during the week, since she works full time, so we’ll do it this week end. Since we were at a stand still, I started the publishing job for a lady down the road. She had contacted me several months ago to ask me to publish her book which is a journal and selected poems. She has a winner and is an eloquent writer with an adept connection to the world and creatures around her. She has that beautiful ability to charm you...hold your attention and can make you smile and giggle with her lightning fast wit.
I believe her coming book entitled, “From These Country Roads” will be on the best seller lists, once I get the Long Island News and Press to do a press release highlighting the book and author.
I asked Vick to read over some of her transcript and tell me what she thought. She was simply captivated and delighted with her style and the content of her writing.
I finished the first draft PDF and sent her the file for review. We will most surely change things around a little, work on a cover photo and rear page outline of the book from Margaret’s own perspective. I’m going to ask her if she would mind my writing an introduction page for her which would accent her preface of the book. It sometimes adds a nice touch for someone else to review and promote your works too. In this case, I highly recommend her literary works, which will inevitably delight your comprehensive sweet tooth for good reading.
In the midst of all this, we keep busy working the farm, reducing the chicken population and have offered sale of most all of the guinea fowl to anyone wanting champion tick pickers for this summer. Moving away from the egg business will inadvertently reduce our operating budget by significantly reducing the feed costs all year long. During the summer, the alpacas will browse on grass, eliminating the need to mow, thus saving feed costs, mower gas and my time. (the last item being most favorable of course) It also allows for more time and money to improve and upgrade the farm to make it more profitable to operate.

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