Monday, February 20

Monday, Feb. 20, 2012...Spring Is Here, But It Isn’t...We’re Never Satisfied...

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Funny how we adults never seem satisfied with the weather, the season, the time, the place, etc., etc. and the list goes on and on. Children’s days last for weeks! Their summer vacation from school, as I remember, seemed like a year. It seems kids simply roll with the flow...enjoying the spring, summer, fall or winter as it comes. They simply pick flowers in the spring, swim in the summer, go trick-or-treating and rake leaves in the fall and enjoy Christmas and sled riding in the winter. I wonder why we cannot be more like the kids and simply enjoy our lives no matter what season we are in.
Right now, I’m enjoying the winter of exceptionally mild weather. We can always enjoy the snow if it keeps falling beautifully, yet never accumulates more than a fraction of an inch...gone the next day, as soon as the sun arrives. The chill has not been too bad this year either, so we have nothing to complain about.
Spring will soon be here...for I regularly smell it in the late morning air, as the sun heats the soil....tempting the Easter flowers to start popping through, under the blanket of winter leaves. These flower shoots will linger under those warm leaves as the sun continues to nurture them until it is time to emerge and spread their fragrant beauty. We are only eleven days away from March and the ever increasing promise that winter 2012 is over.
I look to the future, as I sit here in the early morning hours, sipping coffee. I enjoy allowing my mind to whisk me to summer days, warm breezes and the summer sounds. There are nothing like the sounds of nighttime creatures...the frogs, the crickets or an owl in the distance. Gazing into the starlit sky when no other lights contaminate the view...looking at a millennium of brilliantly glowing celestial bodies out there, as far as our eyes can see. A call of a night bird I cannot envision...the bark of a dog.
How wonderful it is to lie in bed with the windows open, listening to all these pleasant nighttime sounds, as a cool breeze drifts through the screened window...gently making the lace curtain dance in its presence...slowly creeping across our body, gently tickling as it provides relief from the sticky night heat.
I particularly enjoy the morning coolness and the excited sounds of nature’s creatures as they awaken to the morning, ready to begin their day.
Who doesn’t enjoy all these things? Who doesn’t enjoy the sounds and smells of spring? Who doesn’t long for the beauty and comfort of summer? Who doesn’t really look forward to the colors and smells of autumn, as we escape from summer’s overbearing heat? And finally...who doesn’t look forward to those first beautiful snowflakes...promising the holidays full of good will and cheer?
I guess it is wrong to say we are never satisfied with what we have, for we all actually enjoy everything we have and look forward to the promise of the future season which will replace the one we have enjoyed long enough.
Life is full of adventure, properly designed and created by God to keep us entertained as we live and enjoy ourselves...among those special things and other people around us.

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