Friday, February 24

Friday, February 24, 2012...Into Every winter, A Little Snow Must Fall......

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Oh’s not spring just yet! Not by any stretch of the imagination.
I know we probably just mistook last Wednesday’s 60° temperatures and sunshine as the end of old man winter’s grip, but a day like today with this little snow and 29° temperature, jolts us back to reality.
We simply have to get a grip and be patient for the next twenty six days (counting today) before spring actually arrives here on March twentieth. The good news is that those coming days will more than likely be mild, sunny and pleasurable. They will pass unnoticed as we enjoy the sunshine and warmth leading up to that awaited day. MAYBE! Below is a picture taken on Feb, 27th of 2010! This could happen again...any day until spring arrives...and even after that!

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I must admit though...the view across the back yard into the field and woods beyond is breathtaking today. There is something about a new snow on the pine trees which makes me glad to be in the North Country. The view is so serene and peaceful...untouched...unspoiled. It reminds me of a Currier & Ives print or postcard in all it’s glory!
The snowplows are scraping the pavement, sounding like distant thunder as they approach from down the road. The dogs have lost interest in that sound by this time in the winter, even though we have not had near the visits of other winters. Usually the dogs find displeasure and sport at the trucks arrival out front. They forget the sound of the truck after the long summer and fall. It is always that first plowing of the road in the early part of the winter that sends the dogs to the front door, assembling and preparing for attack mode... excitedly barking and jumping against the door and one another. Of course this performance always pales in importance after three or four occurrences, and then they simply lift their heads as the truck passes by.
Perhaps today would be a good day to burn the scrap wood pike out by Fort Apache. It is a small pile that we covered with old tarps to keep snow and rain off of it. Keeping it dry, we could call and report that we wish to conduct a controlled burn when it was convenient and there was a good snow covering and no wind. That could be today. I suppose it would be completely burned into a small pile of coals in a half hour or so, leaving the rest of the day for the embers to burn themselves out. We would only have a pile of ashes left to contend with later this spring or summer.
I’m looking forward to summer again. I love to start the morning listening to the chickens talking and birds singing as I sip coffee on the rear deck in the warm morning sun. Some mornings I go onto the front porch and relax on a wicker chair and read a bit while enjoying a couple of cups of coffee before getting busy with the days business.
I can now email my client Margaret and tell her I sent her book transcript to my printer and they are going to go to print on the proof today. It sure looks like I will have the proof to deliver to her in the early part of next week. She will be thrilled and if the proof meets her expectations and she approves it, my publishing job will be about finished, as the printer will begin production print of her book. Within a few weeks, she will have her books entitled From These Country Roads – A Journal and Selected Poems”, by Margaret Sullivan Waldhelm.
I sometimes complain, but I never loose sight of how fortunate and content I am to be retired and living here. It is truly a place of joy and happiness for both Vick and my retirement! We are never bored and always enjoy our passions.

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