Saturday, February 25

Saturday, February 25, 2012...More Snow Falling...with Winter’s Return......

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Ahhh, the snow has been falling for some time now. Large fluffy flakes...making it difficult to see the trees in the yard as it falls so heavily. The snow showers are so intense that it has accumulated an inch in the last four or five minutes.
For awhile the flakes drift straight down...occasionally redirected by a breeze, slightly altering its direct downward course. Other times it looks like a mad rush of race cars flying past the window. The flakes are actually flying horizontally...passing one almost white out condition.
Removing the thought of dealing with cleanup of the falling snow later, the sight is spectacularly pretty. One gets the feeling inside of being in a cozy New England Inn without a care in the world, because you are snowed in. I simply want to grab a book and cuddle on the couch with a heavy blanket, with the pellet stove going.
Shucks, it appears that’s not going to happen any time soon, for the stove is broken down again. We had just purchased an electronic timer for the auger, but it failed after about four days of use and we are awaiting a replacement. It is coming from the state of Washington, expected to arrive the beginning of the week sometime. For now, we will have to go to the art studio upstairs and cuddle in front of the gas fireplace up there.
Wow, just now there must have been a hole in the clouds that passed over us. The snow instantly stopped and the surrounding landscape became bright and clear as a spring morning. It did not take long for the opening in the clouds to pass though, for it is snowing heavily again and everything took on the appearance of dusk again. I suppose this will continue until old man winter becomes bored with his latest assault on us and he moves on north to bother someone else.
I never get real upset with snow this time of the year, because in a day or so, it usually disappears under the almost spring conditions. A day of sun with temperatures in the high forties or fifties will melt a bunch of snow in no time.
We plan on enjoying home more often in the near future with gas prices soaring through the roof as they are. It is another example of our own country sticking it to us again. We have massive reserves of oil in this country and there is no need for this price gouging that our government allows and/or causes. That is one thing I will give New Jersey......their governor Chris Christy gives their residents and visitors a break on gas taxes to ease the burden of this crunch. Gas in Jersey is always at least ten or twenty cents a gallon cheaper than New York....But everything is more expensive in New York.
I have never seen another state with taxes like ours. Perhaps that is why the work ethic in New York is like it is. Few work, some work a little...but very few work like people in other states do. Some people live in shacks, drink beer, smoke and drive brand new SUV’s......and don’t have a steady job. Few live in nice homes and have full time; good paying jobs, yet no one can find a person to perform a needed task or job around the house. It’s amazing to say the least, yet the local government will go out of their way to make it difficult to start a business supplying any kind of service to the residents of the community.
Complain, complain, complain....but it is true.
The bottom line is this...there is no more beautiful place to live than the Catskill/Hudson River Valley, so I guess you take the good with the bad.

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