Tuesday, February 28

Tuesday, February 28, 2012...Finally Done...And About Time I’d Say......

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Yes everyone, we’re finally done with the task at hand, which was occupying our time for the last couple of weeks. The taxes are finished and the paperwork filed! The Agricultural assessment was due on March 1st. To accomplish completion of the form, you have to tally and total up all your tax information to complete a schedule F form to accompany the Ag Assessment. That means we have been going over receipts and QuickBooks records, making sure everything was entered in and there were no unlisted receipts floating around for feed, supplies and such for the farm. We need to complete this form to maintain our farm status every year at this time. Unfortunately, our annual filing of collected sales tax for the farm and hospice gift shop sales also come due on March 20th, making the last few weeks a little hectic, to say the least. All is now completed and we can finally take a breather from the stress of making these deadlines. As soon as some late posted and delivered tax information arrives in late March, we will finalize and complete our final income tax paperwork for the year. That being the only tax nightmare left, we can breath a little easier until that late posted material arrives. At least we can have all the other stuff finished and ready so that when those documents arrive we can immediately complete everything. Yeaaaaaaaaaa......
Perhaps the part we are again waiting on for the pellet stove will arrive today. I sure hope, because they are calling for snow late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. It won’t take me long to install the electronic timer controller once it shows up. Within five minutes I can have it installed and the stove producing heat.
Another thing that an author friend and I are awaiting for is a Fed-Ex drop off Margaret’s book...possibly today too. She will be excited to finally hold the first proof copy in her hands! I remember my first book and how I felt holding and looking at one of the dreams...or goals of my life, which had finally come true. Since then I have written another book, which is now ready for printing. This happened as I wrote the third....and am contemplating the next book I’ll write.
Writing and publishing has become a passion for me...much as Vick’s beautiful watercolors have become her passion. I only hope mine progress to the zenith position her paintings have come to occupy! Perhaps one day.....some day.
Below are the latest of Vick’s works. One is complete with the music and title the other seven will be completed when the accompanying music is placed in the background. I think they are so great and such an ingenious concept! Each has a song which goes right along with the picture. Keep watching and I will post them all when completed.

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  1. Hi Skip and Vicki,
    Absolutely luv, luv,luv, Vicki's watercolors. I can't believe how well she has captured the character of each dog. Can't wait to see them all complete.

  2. Hi Margaret, She certainly has come a long way in such a short time! She started drawing in 2005, moved to pastel pencils in 2007 and then onto painting by water color in late 2007. Her dogs are definitely worthy of inclusion in any gallery.
    Sometime in the future I want her to do a gallery showing somewhere; maybe in one of the Warren Street galleries in Hudson, NY. Our friend wants her to display some in the Athens Cultural Center Art show coming up. Skip


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