Wednesday, February 29

Wednesday, February 29, 2012...We Sit...We Await...Darkness Envelopes Us......

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It’s coming. We have been warned repeatedly, over and over, on the hour...recently, they are reporting more often. We sit as the Union soldiers did in their hand dug trenches...near Gettysburg...waiting. We are looking out the windows...repetitively...each time expecting to see the barrage coming...attacking from across the field. Perhaps we would only see the beginning first, much as the scouts for the Confederacy were spied as they approached they did before every major skirmish of the civil war. Just like the Union soldiers announced that the Rebs were coming, we will announce to the rest of the family that it’s coming. They may walk to the window to see the encroachment happen, or they will simply groan and voice displeasure. We are prepared. Everything was made ready by last evening in anticipation of the worst attack possible.
I’ve loaded eleven bags of pellets unto the porch, placed all our supplies and equipment in a protected location and filled the gas tanks on all the equipment. I have the plow ready and the snow blower where I can easily access it. Vick has made food preparations and all our business transactions are taken care of in town. We are ready! Yesterday afternoon, we saw large numbers of deer out in the fields eating...responding to the barometer within themselves telling them that bad weather was approaching and they needed to eat to fill their bellies in preparation.
The sky grows darker as I write this....its coming. As I listen intently for the outside noises, I hear nothing! It is deathly quiet outside. I hear no birds...not even the chickens or ducks awaiting their release from captivity. It is truly the calm before the storm!
Earlier, I heard a flock of wild geese passing overhead, honking as they passed. They are returning for spring...only twenty days away. What a lousy trick Mother Nature is going to play on them by giving them 5 to 8 inches of snow on the day of their return. The only light at the end of this tunnel before us is that this time of year, the snow will melt quickly. They are calling for temperatures above freezing throughout the weekend......all the way to the Friday after that. With temperatures like these, the snow will be gone before the weekend, leaving us with more mud and flooding creeks and rivers.
Yesterday was a double bummer...No book proof for Margaret and no pellet stove part for me. I sure hope the timer block arrives from Washington State today, so we can have fireplace heat during the snow storm, making it cozy and warm in here. I ordered the timer last Monday, so it’s been over a week already. The house is still toasty warm...being heated by the oil fired baseboard heat, but you cannot beat wood heat for feeling super comfy!
For you Margaret...We hope your book arrives. What better way to spend a snowy day than to look over and read your first published book!

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