Saturday, March 10

Saturday, March 10, 2012...Cold again...Yet Spring Will Arrive in Ten Days......

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The geese seem to be passing overhead if tired and worn out, from their long flight north. They are now leaving their southern retreat, where they spent the short, less than brutal winter. They are actually flying as fast as the spring season also approaches. In a mere 10 days, we will welcome the official arrival of spring 2012...and tonight before we go to bed; we will turn our clocks ahead one hour to usher in daylight savings time. When we turn those clocks ahead each year, it is like the precursor to springs arrival, for it is only a matter of a few days until spring officially arrives.
It will be interesting to see how Doodles reacts to the first wild Canadian geese that show up. He has almost spent his entire life here, thus far. A couple brought him here before moving to West Virginia, leaving a few chickens and Doodles here. He wants in the bunny brothel at dusk every night...knowing the dangers of staying outside with the coyote and foxes. Every morning, he is ready to embark upon the world and do whatever God intended for geese to do all day long.
Soon we will be building the farm store, so we will begin to design it...get measurements...and develop a lumber list to turn into our local sawmill in East Berne. I am sad to announce that their will be a massive change in our routine lumber acquisition from now on though. The patriarch of the Stemple family....Rudy... The Father, leader and founder of the Rudy Stemple Family Sawmill, passed away on January 30th of last year. We knew Rudy personally and always looked forward to talking and doing business with him, his daughter and son. Rudy was a special person...hard as nails...with a heart as soft as a kitten. We will miss him now that he has passed, but continue looking forward to seeing his son and daughter, as they hopefully carry on Rudy’s legacy in that sawmill.
It was 20 degrees this morning...bright, with not a breath of air moving. How I love to draw in a lung full of clean, fresh, chilled springtime air when I first let the dogs free in the morning. Later today, the thermometer should reach into the fifties, as I sit in the living room, disassembling our pellet stove once more... to remove the auger so I can replace the bearings. They seem to be tight, possible shot, after some eighteen years of running with that much heat so close. I think they did quite well...even if they are dry or worn out, for that is a lot of running, throughout eighteen winters as it provided heat...since way back in 1993 when it was made. I’ll replace those bearings without complaining, because now may not get a year out of something you buy, let alone eighteen. Basically the stove is a pleasure to have.
We continue to sell off chickens and guinea fowl. Thursday evening, we sold two guinea fowl to a lay from Schodack, NY...and yesterday morning, we sold four males guinea fowl to a couple from Connecticut. After the sale of these six, I need to take a count to decide if we will sell any more guineas or not. We sell chickens....a few here and a few there, so we’ll decrease our flock sooner or later to a level we can enjoy caring for again.
I’ve spent the last several days being the publisher again. Margaret’s book proof came, which Vick and I delivered to her late Wednesday evening. She is going over it with a fine tooth comb one final time before allowing it to go to final print.
I published my book of poetry onto Amazon, along with my three other eBooks for Kindle readers. They are:
Poetry from the heart, Everything you need to start selling on eBay, The Do-It-Yourself Home Electrical Repair Manual and A Family Tradition. Take a minute and check them out. This is a personal goal I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish and have two more books coming out soon.

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