Wednesday, March 7

Wednesday, March 07, 2012...Come on Mr. Sun...Give it too Us Good Today...

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Yeah, we’re ready! Give us all you got big boy...make us sweat! We can take it!!!
It is supposed to get up to fifty one degrees here in Upstate New York today and I can’t wait for the sun to give us everything it can muster up! I want it to melt the remaining snow on the ground, but far more importantly, I want it to also help dry up the mud after the melting of the frost in the ground.

Mud season. Jeeze um, I hate it... in fact, all northerner's hate the mud season. I remember a few years ago when mud season rolled around. We had five dogs in the house at the time and there we had a brown “super highway” running from the sliding glass door by the dog walk, through the living room, to the front door. Twenty muddy paws leave a pretty impressive swath of brown considering they go out several times a day, returning to apply the next coating of mud on the last application. Soon, it is a real mess. Poor Vick went to work on that with the shampooer and met with a disaster similar to none we’ve experienced since! It made it far WORSE...and we could not get rid of it. It took a professional carpet cleaning company three attempts to remove all the mud from our carpet. Vick swore, NEVER AGAIN! If we get into that situation again, because of mud season, it sits until we can vacuum the mud completely out of the carpet once it has fully dried, before using the shampooing machine. That works.

Ahhh, live and learn.
I’ve been neglecting to blog lately, because of my attempts to accomplish the greatest achievement a writer can perform. I’m publishing my poetry book and eBooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Once they are there, I will post a few links to them, so you can all go see the official offerings on their site. In the mean time, I will plug away at the editing/publishing aspects necessary in preparing the eBooks for the nook and kindle, or just an old computer screen.
You’s funny we say “an old computer screen”...when not so very long ago it was a privilege to see anything on a computer in your home. Then in a few short, swift were able to view the internet on the same device you used to called your friends upon and use a nook or kindle to read books on. Rather than carry a heavy book around, you could simply go on-line and download almost any book in print, your own little hand held device which, by the way, will allow you to connect to the Internet to shop and browse, the same as a computer.

Now they have ITunes, IPods, IPad, and almost any Ithingie you can imagine....and that's just apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There are other devices out there for writing, games, phones, etc.

I wonder what another ten years will bring to us?

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