Sunday, March 25

Sunday, March 25, 2012...Ah...Cold, Damp and Rainy...From Eden to the Pits...

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Yesterday was a lovely day with sun and a warm comfortable breeze...a day to long for. I got up this morning to a chilly, drab day of uncomforting chill and dampness. Mute testimony of another attempt by old man winter to flex his dying muscle as we inch ever nearer to summer. It has been spring for five days now, but I remember old man winter throwing six inches of snow at us in April several times...just to show he was not ready to give in. Now I’m not say that will happen this year, but since I’ve been witness to almost sixty one seasons of this back and forth battle, I would never be surprised at what I saw.
Easter is only two weeks away and although it is odd to have snow in April, I believe this year will be one that will remain snow free. The forecast for the next ten days shows temperatures from the sixties into the I would not expect to see anymore snow...but again, as I’ve said before, nothing surprises me anymore.

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Yesterday we received eleven Koi fish into the Pupskill lake pond...placed there by Ralph, our friend. He uses Koi in his aquaponics garden...both outside and in his basement in Coxsackie, growing vegetables all winter and summer. They have grown too large, creating too much ammonia in the tanks, so he will purchase more small ones and start over. They are also getting ready to move to Florida, so he dies not want to have a large garden in case their property sells and they must move. He will resume his aquaponics in Florida after they get relocated into their home there permenantly.

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We believe the Koi will thrive in the lake because of the algae and spring water constantly feeding the lake. It should be a perfect place for them to grow to their full potential of two and a half, to three feet in length. It will add a certain charm to the lake and help to keep it cleaner, as they will eat the algae and help keep it free from grass in the summer.
At some point, we will be able to get some pictures of them feeding later in the summer. We will not feed them for another two months or least, not until the water temperature is higher.
In lieu of the day’s appearance, I think it would be a good day to stay in front of the computer and do some necessary bookkeeping for tax purposes...It’s about that time you know...

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. :) Its funny but it make sense.


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