Tuesday, March 27

Tuesday, March 27, 2012...We’re Off to See The Wizard...The Wonderful Wizardess Of Snozzz.....

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Tonight at midnight...my driver’s license runs out and I will negate to a ride along spot, while my lovely wife will have to take over the driving job and I will be forced into a navigator’s position. We can avert this change by simply visiting the DMV building in Catskill, walk thorough their metal detector and enter the land of the wicked witch of the Catskill region. I would rather get my teeth pulled three times as to deal with this miserable excuse for unhappiness and discontent having a bad day. This woman is the Crème brûlée on the list of people I really, really do not wish to ever see again, let alone have to deal with. I am told that since the September eleventh terror attack, she has single handedly vowed to stop every potential terrorist under the age of one hundred fifty years old and will seek them out on a daily basis. Here in upstate New York, when you go in to renew your license, you must turn in your current license, (which has your name, address, current license number and photo on it) In addition, you must provide a birth certificate, social security card, visa, Discover or Master card, (they do not accept American Express, like everyone else I guess) A certificate of citizenship in the USA, A sworn statement by the Pope, a certificate of baptism or some other religious document and the latest copy of a receipt from your last doctor’s visit and a license registration for your dog, if you have one too.
Far fetched as it may seem...one would think that a previous license supplied by their office, with your address and PICTURE, being on their official, current license which a police officer relies upon to confirm your identity, would again suffice for renewal of the document without a filing cabinet of documents they want! RIGHT? RIGHT!!
This lady loves to spout off what the law dictates and if you are operating within that law, or whether she must consider having you interned to the maximum security section of the state correctional institute in Coxsackie, until further notice by the official Wizardess of snozzz.
Seriously, I hate going into this building, passing through a metal detector....even though this woman has probably been threatened by many, MANY people, and then walking into the room where she is the first thing you hear...over all the people in there.
Well, I better get this posted and get ready to go in to renew the license.
Maybe I can make the lunch line at Coxsackie before they are done serving......

Seriously, this is all in fun, but one would think that it could be a simple renewal process with a current photo driver's license, unlike the rig-a-ma-row you must go through each and every time.

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