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I never cease to amaze myself...even after the world fails to amaze me first! This morning, I again got a phone call from Utah! This call occurs several times a day...anytime of the day, even long after the universal limit of nine pm for these pain in the ass callers, better known as telemarketers! The fact that the telemarketers continue to call, even after insisting they quit, or after putting all our numbers on the Do Not Call list...or even after they become belligerent, calling me an “id-de-ott” because I told him NO, I do not want your drugs on-line...isn’t the real reason I’m amazed. I expect this type of behavior from people stupid enough to believe I would buy from them after making themselves the biggest pain in the ass, repeatedly! What actually surprises me is that I am told by everyone around me that I must put up with it! I am told by my phone company that I can block the call for an additional eight dollars a month...added to my already outrageous bill.
I would think that someone is this day and age could eliminate a nuisance phone call, especially when Verizon has checked the number, saying it is coming out of Salt Lake Utah and that there have been a HUGE number of complaints about this number.

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Uh Dud....what’s wrong with this picture friends?
We have been on the national do not call list for years, updating it yearly...and for what? They don’t care....they won’t stop the calls. Who decided that a foreign country has the right to insist (by multiple phone calls) that I buy their product?
Our country is in such disarray....from the greedy politicians running it...all the way down to the low-life telemarketers who are analogous to the roaches and flies, which bother society constantly.

It is no wonder they cannot stop atrocities within our society when they cannot preserve our privacy in our own home...even when we are paying for a service. The phone company needs to give us, as part of our paid service, a method to stop these maggots from calling us. We’ve done everything possible to protect ourselves, including the placing of our numbers on the “National Do Not Call List”, reporting them to the do not call list, reporting them to Verizon and the Federal Trade Commission.
Some one needs to step up to the plate and say this is enough....and stop them!
It’s just like the porn sites and other leaches on the internet that advertise by imbedded code in emails that hijack email addresses and then send advertisments to everyone on your contact list. Yes, you might not be able to identify the people doing this, but you can fine the companies selling the products. They are paying the maggots who pirate the email addresses and if they are fined, they will get to the people they pay to do it ands make them stop..... RIGHT?
If they want to stop something, they can do it. THEY NEED TO DO IT!
There is nothing worse than having your computer taken over, or losing your email address to a slime ball that bothers your friends and perpetuates the illegal harassment of constantly calling or emailing to sell unwanted items. It interrupts your day, your privacy and your some cases.....even your sleep.

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  1. I'm with you on this one. We are on the do not call list also. They still call. One has called a couple of times asking to speak to my Mother in law.I have told them twice that she has been dead since 2000 and told them to stop calling for her. I hope they don't call anymore. Call at night at that. Helen

  2. Hi Helen, These guys are stupid! They bother you over and over until you are ready to reach through the phone and choke them to death! Why anyone would think I, or anyone else, would want to buy something from them after harassing us relentlessly is a mystery to me. They are just wasting my time...and theirs! Skip

  3. Hi, Skip. I agree with you too. Just had a phone call from this guy who was trying to sell me home security. Told him I wasn't interested. He says "What are you gonna do if you have a medical emergency?" So I told him I'd holler out my window to the Ambulance squad across the street. Thought that stopped him in his tracks, but have gotten three more calls from the same guy since then. What part of NO don't they understand. If I wanted to buy home security from them, I'd look up THIER number, and call THEM. Just saying! Say Hi to Vicki for me.
    From Dan


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