Saturday, March 17

Sat. March 17, 2012...Happy St. Patrick’s Day...ɛrɪn ɡə brɑ!

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Today is the day! Although we have absolutely no Irish in us at all, we do have lots of Irish friends we we celebrate their heritage day right along with them.
It will be a big day of celebration in the city, with parades and parties everywhere. East town over and to the west of us, will be a hoppin’ town today and far into the early morning hours of tomorrow, as the Irish community parties and fills themselves on corned beef and cabbage with traditional soda bread. There will be lots of Guinness dark Ale guzzled and lots of laughing and good fellowship. We only go so far as to enjoy the traditional corned beef and cabbage recipe Vick got from a fellow blogger. Thanks again Julia....Never forget ya for that one!!
Yesterday afternoon, we took our friend Judy to a local farm, to buy a few peafowl for her mini-farm. She presently has a beautiful peacock, but with it being breeding season, he won’t stay home. Judy lost her other submissive cock and the the hen she had last summer, so now Mister Peepers goes down the road, to a neighboring farm to strut his stuff where there are some peahens. Mr. Peepers would entice those ladies to follow him home, except the farm has the peahens locked in a pen!
Judy knew that by purchasing another male and three females yesterday, Mister Peepers should want to stay at home again, being able to entice the lady friend’s in his own back yard. The submissive male will simply be a friend and companion...
Shelly and Ben’s farm is amazing with a pristine peafowl and alpaca shared barn, a beautifully designed and refurbish barn which they made into their house. I thought it really resembled the home of Ben Cartwright, located on the on the TV show Bonanza!
We were invited in for coffee and given the grand tour of their beautiful home. Outside again...we all loaded onto a golf cart and were driven around their farm. Shelly was so excited to own such acreage that she asked friends and family what they would do with it if it were theirs. The resulting things we saw were suggestions from various family members. We were totally amazed when we began seeing her dreams unfold before us, when we saw their tree house, authentic Indian teepee, their “Field Of Dreams” softball field, a small emerald green pond and a small log cabin, all of which was on just a small part of the property. Back near the house, we saw a swinging rope bridge, many waterfalls, bridges and the “Yellow Brick Road”, which was the beginning of a lovely garden walkway. They have several trails set up for hiking into the mountainous area of their vast acreage on the farm. We saw their quaint little guest house and Ben’s workshop, filled with the tools necessary to maintain such a lovely farm estate.
I chose not to reveal their full names and the location of their farm to preserve their privacy, but believe me, it is a sight to behold and you could never meet two more hospitable people than Shelly and Ben. Below are many pictures to let you see some of what we enjoyed during our visit with them.

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  1. That was a great place to visit. I loved it. Helen

  2. I'll say Helen...and we only saw a portion of the property. These folks live in an earthly part of heaven, have worked hard to make it that way and surely deserve it. I'm really happy for the both of them. Special folks for sure!!!!! Skip


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