Friday, April 13

Friday, April 13, 2012... Welcome and Someday.....Someday my Wish Could Come True......

Someday I pray to God I’m fortunate enough to meet up with the bastard that hijacks email address to advertise their junk and meds and sex crap. When I do, I’m gonna flip his ass upside down and bounce his head off the floor, the simply beat him to an inch of his life. There is no excuse for stealing a persons email addresses and sending unwanted crap to these people, injecting viruses into their computers, loading them down with spyware and ruining their computer experience and others on THEIR email list. Everyone says they cannot stop this infringement on our privacy by finding these leaches. AGAIN....I offer for consideration that these clowns aren’t doing this for nothing! They are not that faithful to Cialis and to Viagra....they are being paid by these companies for every email address they steal and for every advertisement they forward to you over and over until you want to commit murder! If the federal trade commission wanted to stop it, they could by fining the company responsible for paying the pukes that do it. Stop paying the hackers and the stealing of email addresses will stop.

Oh yeah....they’re all in it for the money....I forgot for a minutes.... even the people that are to help you are getting their share to look the other way. I forgot!
Also, faced the rising number of eggs in the frig.....we were forced to move the egg stand closer to the house and once again fill it with product so customers do not have to come on the porch to get their eggs, jam and other products. Once again they will be able to pull into the circular driveway, and if they have correct change, buy their eggs and jam....if they don’t have the right change....hopefully, they will not just steal it for a buck or some change. Who's looking anyhow and who’ll know anyway, right? Think about that when you do it friend...think about who knows your every move...action or thought... Remember that, when you enjoy your life’s review before the creator... being embarrased...all over a few eggs and a buck.

Oh well, that is what free choice is. It’s a learning experience. At least we will be returning everyone's old favorite, called the honor system; the thing everyone loved about the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. The quaint charm and chance to revisit old times again... when people trusted you. We’re sick to death of the thieves stealing our dreams AND our customers enjoyment of visiting a time long ago with the honor system...seeing the farm animals and visiting the Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice Gift Shop during their visit. Welcome all...even the thieves I guess.
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