Sunday, April 15

Sunday, April 15, 2012...Liar, Liar...Pants On Fire...Verizon is the Worst Ever...

You would think we would learn from our mistakes, but we don’t. We repeat them constantly based on the lies told to us by salesman over the phone. We had one ISP that was working fine, but was much more expensive. Again, the temptation of saving ninety dollars a month was waved in front of our nose like a carrot in front of a mule to make them do something....and so did we! We did what they said, saved ninety dollars, and as soon as we switched over... there was nothing but trouble which has plagued us ever since for our efforts to save that stupid money.

We have slow streaming, slow page loading & nothing better, but a person from India tells us to check everything in the system....all the things that worked just fine with our old ISP service, but now mysteriously, could be the trouble with Verizon’s ISP service. I DON’T THINK SO..........

Vick’s computer is locking up and mine takes ten to twelve seconds for a page to load....and if there is a sub page to load on a site, it take almost forever, or so it seems. It takes at least fifteen to twenty seconds for more on most sites.

So......I ask you, what did we save? Now the coliseum event is set to take place in our home! We will be pitted against Verizon and their highly trained people who simply apologize continuously, but never fix anything and then send you to another person, until you get frustrated and hang up or cry. If you do persist, one of them will ultimately have to finally say, “Oh Gee....That’s weird...I wonder what’s wrong? It has to be in your computer....but for the charge of $XX.xx we can have our staff fix this strange problem in YOUR computer so OUR ISP service will work.

Finally, after you’re whipped and’ll hang up and walk away with your tail between your their whipped dog.

Now I’m so frustrated from listening to Vick for two hours as she has tried to get someone from Verizon to increase the speed and unlock her computer....I can’t even help because all I could do is reach through the line and pull the guy she’s talking to through the line and pound him into the floor! AGGGGGGggggGGGGHH!!!

She’s hanging up until Monday......Round 1 lost....Verizon 1 – Vick 0

Nope...she has not had enough....she is now talking to the 32nd person in the past two hours and fifteen minutes.

Ahh, now she is trying to give them access to check her computer and I am bracing for more frustration when I hear her scream!

I’M leaving...... before that happens.........

It’s now four PM and I’m back....primarily because we are no longer on the phone with Verizon. About an hour ago, I talked to a guy in the USA who said he had been working on our slow internet problem. I was about to unleash on him when he said he found the problem....and that we were over 18000 ft from their closest main line. He said with the 3.0 system, we would need to be no more than 12000 ft for it to work, so that was the problem. He gave me a phone number and told me to tell whoever answered it to change our speed system to 1.5 and it would work much faster. Great...I thanked him and dialed the number he gave me...YOU guessed it... overseas with another India tech hell bent on causing a coronary or stroke in me. I threw my hands up and hung up the phone as soon as he started chirping in that voice I could barely understand, saying I had to call on Monday when there was someone who could change the speed. Especially having me on their for ten minutes checking my account, verifying, taking passwords and making me beg.

Vick called the same number and got a guy from the USA who immediately helped her, changed the speed and told us by midnight it would be resolved, because there were many orders entered before us. Funny that here in the USA, there were many orders and people resolving them India you have to call back Monday.


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