Monday, April 16

Monday, April 16th... What Do Ya Say... It’s Monday Now, A Better Day???

Today the sun is shining, a slight breeze is wafting fragrances of spring flowers from across the back fields, which are a delight to the senses.... Birds are singing and the geese are busy living their lives in our huge lake, free of the intrusive ducks which will be left loose shortly. I will refrain for a bit longer to allow the hawks to finish their morning search for breakfast and allow the geese a bit more solitude. Soon the barnyard will come alive with flitting chickens, ducks and guinea fowl as they too live their lives in harmony, which is what it is all about. If only humans could do the together, giving one another a mutual respect, whereby allowing each to thrive amongst the company of the others...without fighting and killing. All our farm animals live together among one another to feed and one another room to pass or threaten a growl or shriek which never escalates any further than a warning. All give passage to one another without malice. The Royal Palm Heritage turkeys are doing well for us now. They look great and are laying an egg a day which we will begin incubating today. We have three dozen to place in the incubator along with six guinea fowl eggs too. I need to set up the incubator with water tubes to replenish the moisture in the sponges in the bottom of the incubator without removing the lid to do so. We like to lock down the lid on day one, leaving it in place for the entire 28 day incubation period. That reduces lost or fluctuating temperature and lost humidity which can increase mortality of the hatching clutch of eggs. Before I dive into the incubator, we will visit Alan and Liddy at Applebee’s where we will purchase a load of layer pellets for the chickens. We’re out almost everywhere including the Hollowbrook duckies we’re watching. Jim and Sharon should soon return from Las Vegas where they retreat for the winter. They are due back about anytime, because the told us they would return in April and re-open the Hollow Brook Restaurant and Winery. We can’t wait, because it is one of our favorite places to dine. Soon the income returns will be coming in for everyone and the local establishments will enjoy the benefits of folks getting a tax return. Things always seem to look up shortly after everyone begins cashing their tax returns and the money begins flowing into the economy. If we are lucky enough to get some back, we will then be able to start the farm store, tool shed and back fencing around the final pasture by the already fenced raised bed garden. The alpacas and Llama will love that extra green grass.
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