Thursday, April 19

Thursday, April 19th... A Song to Hear, A Thought To Share, In Joy Resound...

Drifting at the edge of eternity

Awake...awake to behold this magnificent day,

Close your eyes and drift upon the senses within your being,

The fragrance of invention is up to you and your perception,

An aroma is all that need carry you into a wondrous world of reverie.

For the day is yours to behold and enjoy to the very collapse of the sun.

Find Joy in all that is around about you...for this day was made to garnish life,

God’s joy of the gift of contentment intended for all creation to delight,

So press forth...wasting not a precious moment of the intended gift so cherished,

As to miss one moment in time to reflect upon the majesty of God’s creation,

As one day our experienced knowledge shall prepare for rapture unto the creator.

Seek to give in friendship...that which you thrive to find in another’s giving,

For only then can you ever hope to find that which you wish to give freely...

Receive with gusto that gift which is given freely from the heart,

And cherish forever the value of it within your being by openly offering love,

For a true friend transcends purely to brother or sister in the eyes of the heart.

With the Joy of giving and sharing...comes the bond of friendship into eternity...

This morning I wrote the above poem for your enjoyment....something new (well, not done often anyway)
Since I seldom get many comments telling me what you like, I have no idea what to write daily. If you like poetry or stories from years ago in my childhood or commentaries or whatever....I will try to give everyone what they like. Just email me and let me know. It's very easy to comment or join the site. Just click on join and create a name. You can make it fictitious or use your real name...then you can comment on any posts and tell me what you would like to read about.  Thanks,  Skip

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  1. Skip,
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring words. The photo of the man in the water reminded me of how much I have missed floating in the ocean under an open sky. After a deep sigh, I read your heartfelt words of inspiration. I thank you for bringing to attention how wonderful is the gift of just one day. With imagination, the joy of the world is ours.

  2. Thank for your comment Margaret. I really appreciate it, because very few people that read the blog ever comment.....good OR Bad. Thanks again, Skip


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