Sunday, April 22

Sunday, April 22nd... It’s Here...It’s Here...It’s Finally Available to Buy......

As you all know I am a writer and publisher. I run a tiny publishing business in my home called Skip Watt Publishing Co., and I’ve recently completed a book which consists of a journal and a collection of selected poems by Margaret Sullivan-Waldhelm. To her delight, I personally delivered the case of finished books to her the day before yesterday. They came out beautifully and they are available for purchase by emailing her through me right now. She is setting up her accounts and bookkeeping program now, so I will forward your email to her so she can arrange payment and mailing particulars. Below is a picture of the cover.... To purchase it, just email us at for now and we'll see she gets the order.

Speaking of poems, below is a sampling of my book, Poetry From The Heart. This is one of the many offered, but possible my favorite:

Mist of Dawning

Slowly dawn creeps to reveal yet another day of life,

and as the shadows slowly begin to recede to lightness,

I can barely make out the lovely form beside me,

as shallow, unlabored breathing causes rise and fall,

of the soft, warm covers that conceal her body.

Now wonder I might, as the earnest dawn emerges,

how all my world can be enveloped by such small form,

for hidden below these covers so close beside me,

is truly the very meaning of my happiness in this life.

Without that I am but a hallow vessel of skin and bone,

and without purpose I would drift until the end of time,

but with her I am conducive to our happiness together,

and we both experience God’s very special gift of love.

As a rose needs the sun and rain to prosper then blossom,

so then, do I need the special nourishment of her true loving,

and as the moon and stars maintain a portion of daylight,

my yesterdays with her maintains me through dark of night,

and as the stars and moon retire to the next shining morn,

my heart again warms to her smile through the dawn light.

This poem was penned one morning directly after rising from bed, over my first cup of coffee. It reflects my love for Vick and how she has made my life complete. All the poems in this book are driven by feelings of love, hope, happiness, depression and suppressed anger...all from dealings with life and people in the course of living an everyday existence. This book can be purchased on this site by going to the buy button on the left below my book.

My next book is very near to being ready to go to the printer. Now that Margaret’s book is finished and out, I can concentrate on completing mine now. As you know it will be titled, “It All Began With a Puppy - Our Uncommon Journey”. It is the story about Vick and I... how we got together and how we started the farm. It should be out sometime soon. Keep watching..........

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  1. Hello guys - I was thinking about you guys last night and thought I had better drop by to see how you are doing. It sounds like you are doing great, congratulations on the publishing company and your new book coming out soon! You sure do keep busy with the farm & your writing/publishing. Good to see all is well and thank you for sharing your lovely poetry with me this morning. Take good care,

  2. Hi Lisa, Long time no see...LOL.
    You're right that we keep busy...way too busy to get everything done most of the time or visit places and do things we enjoy. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm honored that you enjoy my poetry. It's an excerpt from the book and I'll run another soon. Skip


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