Friday, April 27

Friday, April 27th...To Write...Or Not To Write......That’s Not The Question...

The question is what to write? Many times I ask for suggestions and get nothing I struggle to find content to write about. Our son in Long Island constantly gives me grief about it and feels Vick and my life is obviously as exciting as the Masters is to a golf nut...or the Indy 500 is to a race enthusiast... but to us, we live a pretty mundane lifestyle here on the farm. I assume that if something here seems unique to us, it will also probably seem cool to you, but you know that old cliché about when you assume....They say, It makes an Ass out of u and me, so I guess I shouldn’t ass-u-me anything when it comes to what people think!
We are ready to dive into the projects for the summer, if it quits trying to revert to winter again! I want to develop the lumber list for the rear fence near the raised gardens so we can get that closed in and have the alpacas browsing over there on the succulent grass. I also want to increase the run for the turkeys so they can free range and pick bugs in a grassy area all the way toward the pond and swamp. After those two things are completed, we will formulate a lumber list for the farm store and start it. We are looking forward to having it as a place to sell all of our products from here on the farm and our friends products. Actually it will simply be a warehouse for the products, in the form of a store, so everything will be in that particular spot, instead of scattered all over the place. We must run to the barn for cheese, the house for the frozen chickens, back to the feed room for honey or syrup and into the computer room for the maple candies. On top of this, we are remodeling our friend Judy’s bathroom for her and installing fencing for our friend's Phil and Shelly. They also want us to work on the barn spouting and feed trays for their alpacas too. Couple all this with writing, publishing books and Vick’s beautiful artwork (which she can't seem to get back to either) and you can see how easy it is to miss a few days writing the blog. I’m sorry....but when you keep our schedule......most things seem like work instead of fun or being exciting. Most people never write exciting things about their work.

I’m still open to suggestions that we can add to Billy’s.....Just send em.

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