Saturday, April 28

Saturday, April 28th... Spring Must Certainly Be Here To Stay...Ask A Goose!

This morning I looked out the rear window of the kitchen as I made coffee and saw the geese....The same geese I scared last night, in the darkness, as I drove out along the lake to “herd” our ducks home. They are always on the water after dark (or right next to it on the bank) to elude predators of the night. As I turned the corner at the far end of the lake, I saw the pair sitting right on the edge of the bank, as our ducks do. When the headlights swept across them, the both stood and seven little goslings unfolded from under her spread wings. They immediately went into the lake and were gone into the darkness.

Now...this morning, I see them feeding in the yard, heading toward the duck house and the little pond beside it. With them so close, I decided to get the camera and give you a good look at them up close, so I installed the big zoom lens, with the multiplier and shot several pictures. They were over a hundred yards away when I took the pictures.

I always know it is spring when I see this.......
Look at the one of the trees out front. Can you see my buddy in the limbs? If you can, leave a message and tell me what you see......

Can you see him in there??????????
look again at the picture below and then see if you can make out what is standing guard for me.
How about now??? Do you see him? He works...He stopped the sap sucker attack
This tree was one of the long wispy white birch tree bunches. Not one of the sturdy, single trunked ones, but the ones that sprout into three or four long slender trees, on which the snow plays pure havoc with each winter. The snow always has the top of this twenty two foot tree bent over...touching the driveway until I brush enough snow away for it to stand back up erect again. We’re losing a large portion of that tree to a critter called the sap sucker, so I recruited the help of this big guy. Like I said above, leave a message and tell me what you see......
We haven’t been doing a lot more than feeding the birds of the farm and leaving them in and out, because we were installing fence posts for our friend Phil and I beat up my left hand pretty well using the slap hammer style post pounder he has. It reeked havoc with my hand where I injured it before, causing swelling and pain as I tried to pound the posts into the shale dirt. It’s a little bit better now, but not back to normal just yet, so I’ve been keeping it relaxed by not doing much at all beyond simple daily things. I’ve got to get back to Phil and Shelly’s to finish the fence, but I’m taking a step ladder and a sledge hammer to do the banging...not my hands.
Lisa commented on my poetry earlier this week, so I’m going to add another today.

A Past That Never Exists Again

The clock of life ticks…as indubitably as the sun arches the sky,
the seconds of life tick away in muteness of knowledge unknown,
the one it ticks for, is lost in the consideration there of, as others do.

We become so cognizant of our inner self sometimes, we kill it,
for we chase it and taunt it as something we think we know so well,
yet when it comes to the highlight of the subject in questioned kind,
only you may be welcomed into the confines of the mind enclosed within.

The struggle has been long and hard, in times I felt so alone, I saw no one,
and I journeyed for eons, to places not known within my self and was lost,
and had to crouch down and cover my head in fear for my well being,
realizing as I cowered in fear that I was there to save myself, no other.

Go forth, head high to meet all horrors harbored in my troubled mind,
go I did…hell’s fire, racing toward dark images of that dark image of me,
draped like long black curtains, a veil... my fears unseen till now,
running, diving headlong into the mist of darkness within myself, slashing,
until I defeated the blackness of fear in myself I always shied away from.

It took years to find the missing me I had inside the shell of black light,
it consumed me and was seen by all to be normal, as everyone around me,
but it ate my soul, pulled breath from my breast and smothered all life,
for I existed as a zombie...a creature of walking dead I belonged to others,
others that fed off my soul and plucked all living specks from my bones.

I ran to the wall, til there was no further place to run and nowhere to hide,
it mattered not, for I was drained of all life to the naked eye…all gone,
so there I crouched, arms over head…as I realized it was now the time,
and I rose up…stuck out and became the former person I was once again.

Now days no longer exist as gloomy, the sky is bright even into darkness,
I excel of life as I once cringed in darkness, now I love, myself and others,
I remember the past only as yesterday…never today or tomorrow again…
for I love this life and I owe it to me to give myself to my love completely.
                                          Skip Watt

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