Tuesday, April 10

Tuesday, April 10, 2012...Things Are Looking Up For Our Friends...Finally!

Sunday we drove to our friend’s property to see the driveway being installed for them by another of our friends. It looks like an aircraft landing strip with lots of room in a straight line shot from the main road into the very area where Jiri and Erika will be building their home in the near future. They will finish the driveway and install the underground electric run to the mound where the house will be. I guess the next thing to do will be to level the mound, have a well drilled and install the sewage system. At that point, they will be able to park our thirty eight foot trailer on the lot and live there while building their house.

We snapped a few pictures of the lot going in and where their house will be, overlooking a beautiful emerald green pond. There were a few deer that came in to drink while we were sitting at the patio table already there, but we could not get any pictures of them before they departed once seeing and hearing us.

We’re so glad for Erika and Jiri that things are finally beginning to come together for them. Originally, they bought the property being assured that it being landlocked wouldn’t present a problem with getting all the utilities from the main road to the building site over a poorly described right-of-way. After believing what the lawyers and real estate brokers told them, they ran into trouble getting the okay to bring the electrical and other utilities across the right-of-way unless they performed major work on the roadway, widening it and installing drainage pipes and would agree to install an electrical service large enough for the right-of-way owner to prosper by raising the value of his land for future lot sales.

Fortunately, the person owning land on the other side, sold Jiri and Erika a large strip of land which did away with the landlocked problem, allowing road frontage for a driveway into their property. Obviously this owner was taken by the original owner previously and enjoyed helping Jiri and Erika avoid his greediness. Now the guy has an old woods road to nowhere, which is worthless. Ha, Ha, serves him right, for in his own words....one hand washes the other; he just has to let his own left hand wash his right....no one else is required to help him at all anymore!

Below are pictures of the driveway under construction, the table with me waving and the mound where the house will be overlooking that beautiful pond.

A view to neighboring property

Toward the larger property by the driveway

The house will be built on the mound to the right 

Contractor equipment building the driveway into the property

Large pile of trees removed from driveway

Sitting at Jiri & Erika's patio table....

The pond they will see every morning looking out their window

A wild flower for Erika

On our way back out the driveway to our car...
yesterday, we didn’t do a lot of anything. Vick and I re-cleaned six of the twelve meat chickens we just had slaughtered and cleaned last Thursday, because when we brought them in to check them before freezing, we found lots of feathers on them, the craw was still in the neck along with some internal organs missed and still inside the birds. Paying $2.75 each to have them killed and cleaned came out to $33.00 total...way too much for us to have to re-do the cleaning properly. Looks like we will be using another slaughter house in the future, even if we must drive further to accomplish the cleaning. What a bummer. This facility is close, new and very nice, but the young lady needs to learn how to clean chickens properly to stay in business. She will not last long giving customers this kind of service. We won’t go back that’s for sure! This morning we will clean the other six birds, freeze them and move on.

I am going to clean out the brooding house, where the Hollowbrook Restaurant ducks are staying during their visit while we “duck sit” for Jim and Sharon. They will return from Vegas sometime soon and after the ducks leave, I will immediately start up the incubators with chick and turkey eggs. We want to incubate and raise Royal Palm Heritage breed turkeys to sell as poults and fully grown birds for this fall and beyond. They are extremely easy to take care of, don’t grow too large and have a wonderfully tasty flavor. We’ll continue to raise white Cornish-X meat birds for sale all year round too. Hopefully...when the income tax return comes, we can start to build the farm store. Ahhhhhhh, hopes and wishes!

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