Sunday, April 8

Sat. April 7th and Sunday the 8th...Low Life’s Congregate On Street Corners in our State Capital...

Where is a police officer when you need one? Seems they are never around when something is going on...and aren’t really interested in responding when they are called. The world is going down the tubes with astonishing speed! You drive through Greenville and see such quaint little houses and a few really cute storefronts on main street, only to then come to a pig sty with garbage strewn throughout the back yard, outbuildings and quite obviously....the house itself. In the last two days of driving through Albany, we were flipped off twice for simply driving down the street. One by a young girl standing on the corner of Delaware and Whitehall road and the other a young guy just beyond that intersection...and a day apart. Is it really necessary that a girl or guy needs to flip off passing motorists who are innocently driving by, obeying the lights...doing absolutely nothing warranting that kind of behavior. Had I run the girl out of a crosswalk or something, I could see it, but she was standing on the sidewalk with her “man”. (Who should be really, really proud of her public display of low life actions)

The man...was following a child on a tricycle, crossing the street against the light, nowhere near a cross walk, so I naturally had to slow to a stop. We said nothing or made any gestures what so ever, yet his had to point at us and then flip us the gig.

It amazes me how vile and primitive these lousy scruffs act in public and how they can get away with it. Several years ago, I would have stooped to their level and retaliated in kind with the woman and beat the crap out of the guy for his bold efforts. Now I just shake my head and wonder what is wrong with these loons!

Is it any wonder people shoot one another or racial tensions soar as they always have. There is so much intolerance in the world today...quite evident even on the streets of our state capital, so why wouldn’t it be worse everywhere else?

I was an EMT and fire chief in a small rural fire company in Central Pennsylvania years ago and always treated everybody with the utmost respect. I treated everyone as though they were my brother, sister or parents...regardless of race color or sexual preference.

This is the correct holiday weekend for everyone to remember that country song with the words, “What if Jesus came back like that”, and remember...we are all brothers and deserve the basic of respect from one another. Try to tell yourself, “It all begins with me” when confronted with a vile, nasty low life person. Maybe it will prompt them to change, because you won’t be able to do it for them!

Today is Easter and I tried all day long to get this post loaded. The program would not let me do anything...Kept saying there was an error. Finally it worked and now everthing is different! Oh well, at least I can wish everyone  a happy Easter!

Happy Passover and Easter to everyone.

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