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Friday, April 06, 2012...Free Choice Includes Going to Hell and Back......

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All my life I have been involved with God and religion. Not as most people...but as I saw fit to worship. I was involved in churches early in my life...receiving baptism, following the Methodist faith of my parents and remaining as such until shortly after being married. I stood in front of the congregation in that church and declared that I was touched by God, as a born again Christian...all to the pressure and delight of the minister. I was to explain the event, how it occurred and the jubilation I received at the time of my receiving Christ into my heart. All well and good...but later found the same minister had officers of the church tell a family they should not return to our church, because they were not like us and should seek God elsewhere. (they did not have fine clothes, money and speak well)
Thus...the end of my church membership there. I continued to attend other churches through the years, going to other Methodist churches along with Presbyterian, Brethren and other denominations and even visited Catholic and Jewish events such as weddings and funerals. I was never comfortable in any of these places, for I always saw something or some action reminiscent of all the others.
I finally came to realize that God dwells within my heart and I can talk to on one, anytime I like. My church is my and sound.
Recently I have read “Into The Light” by Dr. John Lerma, MD and am now reading another titled “Learning From The Light”, by the same author. I highly recommend these books to anyone who has been involved with religion their entire lives...are a firm believer...yet still have unexplained questions, jumbled understanding and can never find the answers.
After reading these books, so much of what I was taught, learned, read about and wondered...has fallen into place, giving me a total understanding of God, his gift of free will, receiving his blessings and finally an understanding of heaven and hell.
I believe we all go to heaven, for God will never turn his back on one of his souls and hell can be experienced by all of us through free will, not through being damned and driven there by God. Free will allows us to do right or wrong and hell is a self prescribed affliction of the conscience resulting from acts you’ve committed that you find unforgiveable within yourself. If you cannot love and forgive yourself for the things you’ve done...and you cannot trust Gods forgiveness, then you will condemn yourself to hell, until you can trust God and forgive and love yourself. Remember...God has forgiven you as a sinner by offering his son to die on the cross for you. God will never give up on you and will wait through eternity for you to come to him by forgiving yourself.
Dr. Lerma’s books are short stories about hospice patients, during their last few weeks of life and the heavenly experiences occurring in the rooms of these dying patients. So many of my questions from a lifelong pursuit of trying to understand the Bible, God’s word and religion in general have been answered by these books and the related stories of his patients. Almost all experience the same things and explain things in the same manner, even by people of different ethnic backgrounds. I find it to be utterly amazing and very inspirational, because I have gained so much from reading these books which has eased my soul and has begun to change my entire life by giving me tranquility through perceptional understanding.
Enjoy Good Friday and Easter....Look deeply into the meaning of both and read these books. I’m sure you will be glad you did..............

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