Wednesday, April 4

Wednesday, April 4, 2012...Back to the Good Old Day...Tomorrow Maybe...

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Talk about the good old days...I think back to how it was for me to get up at five am every morning and fight the traffic and snow covered roads in the winter, on my way to work. There were those weeks when the ol’ paycheck didn’t go as far as it needed to, so I worked at a second business of my own, doing electrical work.
Couple working ten and twelve hour days at my full time job and then another four or five doing electrical repairs and installations and you don’t find a lot of time for eating or sleeping, before doing it all over again the next day.
There were times that my vehicle broke down, because I didn’t always have a new car or truck. Sometimes the old vehicle I drove just got tired and after some two hundred fifty thousand rough, grueling just gave up. Couple the unexpected loss of the vehicle with the cost of the parts and the time taken to replace them and you understand what inconvenience really is.
Looking back, I remember being forced to actually go hunting...just to place food on a table while buying cases of Enfamil and diapers...paying utility bills and other more important reasons for not buying food.
I remember all too well, how I shopped at Goodwill for tee shirts, long sleeved shirts and pants to wear to work. Working in a foundry certainly made sure that clothing didn’t go out of style before they had to be replaced, because I stained or burnt up many a pair of blue jeans or a shirt in short order. Flying molten splatter and sparks certainly make holes in cotton clothing in a heartbeat...And if you step on a spilled blob of glowing iron, a shoe can be ruined in seconds!
I will say there were many good times as far as family functions throughout the good old days, when family congregated for holidays and functions. It was a good time to visit and enjoy one another in ways that can no longer be enjoyed...but ultimately become much more appreciated now...for many of those relative will not be seen again until we also pass on, crossing over to the next life to be with them for eternity in God’s kingdom.
Remember back to a time when a summer was like a lifetime? School was out so long that we almost enjoyed when it started again. How could any one person actually enjoy a summer when it lasted so very, very long? Remember those hot summer days of carefree abandon...when you and your friends sat moping around because you couldn’t come up with something to do...even among your entire group of friends? How did those days slip away from us? Why did we will them to end so prematurely, wanting those endless, carefree days to be we could join the adult population with all those adult responsibilities and worries?
Hummm...what thoughts.....what memories... What insight when considered!
I guess I’ll quit complaining and hope to God that the good ol’ days continue tomorrow and never stop, because looking at my life...I can truly say that everyday brought me new and better conditions, making my life better than ever!
Those good ol’ days are now... tomorrow and for the rest of our lives if we’re lucky!

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  1. Good Morning, Yesterday and today I was able to catch up on your blog. I've missed the goings on around the farm and especially enjoyed the videos of all the critters. Was that "Muskrat Love" I saw in the water? A Very Happy Birthday to Vicki and a Very Happy Easter to you both.
    Having trouble leaving a comment but I hope you get this one. Margaret

  2. Why Thank You Margaret! We always appreciate hearing from you. The videos were of an everyday event we just captured that day. Guess we should try to do them more often, all over the farm so folks can enjoy the animals too.
    Again, thanks for the wishes and you and Don have a very Happy Easter too!! Skip & Vick


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