Friday, May 4

Friday, May 4th... Another Day To Get More Accomplished than Yesterday...

I started yesterday morning out at eight o’clock...late by all accounts differing from my regular six am rising. I find that recently, I can sleep longer. Well, it might have been because I was up until after twelve midnight trying to finish up the evening before last....

The incubators in the brooding house are not stable YET! I cannot figure out why the one in the basement is controlling perfectly and those two are all over the board. I cannot place eggs in either of them until they stabilize and hold the 99.5° temperature necessary for the chicken eggs to hatch. We really don’t need chickens right now, but people always want to buy chicks in the spring to have their own backyard egg plant. I will admit it is neat to go out and pick up you own breakfast in the morning, but it might also cost you in excess of ten dollars a dozen for your eggs, in the cost of feed and accessories to keep the hens...and don't forget, it is always possible to get a bunch of roosters too...and they don’t lay too many eggs to pay for their feed bill. If you want chicks to raise, remember to do it for the love of it and not for profit!! Believe me...we KNOW!
I worked on the web page most of yesterday, adding Izzy’s picture, which Vick did in water color. Izzy is the renowned hospice light worker of Washington County, NY. He recently succumbed to a cancer which surfaced very recently, but obviously was a rapid growing type, for almost within the week disclosed, he had to be put down. Izzy spent many hours with hospice patients in their final hours of life, by simply keeping the patient company, lying on, or at the foot of their bed.
He brought many smiles to the patients he kept company, giving them someone and something else to concentrate on as their time grew nearer and nearer. It was obvious that Izzy was aware of their illness and the impending end of this life, because he filled their remaining hours before crossing over with quiet company, comfort and a love that only a light worker could impart on one’s soul.
He will be missed by many and remembered by all who knew him. I have also added a copy of the watercolor Vick painted, to the side of my blog. We will be selling high quality prints made by Kim, of Visual Winds Studio in Schenectady, NY.
They will be an 11 x 14 print, copied on acid free, archival quality paper, ready for framing. All proceeds from every sale of this print made anywhere...will be donated to the Columbia-Greene Hospice in Catskill, New York. All collected funds are then distributed within the seven county area they serve. Prints will also be available in the “Nature’s Friend’s Of Hospice, Inc. gift shop, located on our farm at 680 West Road, Greenville, NY 12083. Stop by or give us a call to schedule a visit to browse through the gift shop. One hundred percent of all funds collected in the gift shop are also turned over to the Catskill branch regularly. We also offer eggs, frozen broiler chickens, cheeses from Vermont, great maple syrup, the very best local honey, maple candy, alpaca and sheep fiber in either raw, roving or finished yarn. There are many more products of the farm available too, like fiber swifts and drop spindles for spinning fiber. Come spend some time on the farm, see the animals and walk among them. Experience the peacefulness and calming of the farm.
Late yesterday afternoon we went to Greene County Horseshoe Supply for two fence gates. He sells a cheap, lightweight cattle panel that works great for gates. They are light and swing easily...never droop like wooden and heavier steel gates, so we like them. We will install them in the new turkey run we will be installing. After completion, the turkeys can be out in the grass, secluded from all chickens, to browse and pick bugs, lay and exercise. The two gates will allow access through the run to get into the barnyard, or allow the alpacas out to browse the yard as usual. I can also use the gates to close in the turkeys to clean their turkey house. The gates will be added in a section of the fencing far enough from the existing gate, to allow expansion of the turkey house in the future. Now that’s thinking ahead......

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