Sunday, May 6

Sunday, May 7th... Ahhh, Where To Start...So Little Time and So Much To Do...

Yesterday was a for an old fart getting soft in his old age.
We worked all day long in the garden, except for an hour or so, which we spent on the little garden pond out front. I installed the pump while Vick cleaned leaves and debris accumulated over the winter. Once the pump was installed, it would not run, so I pulled it back out and disassembled it. The rotor was seized and needed a slight turn to “pop” free. After that, the pump could start to rotate. I re-assembled it and placed it into the filter housing and started pumping water to the bio-filter end, where Vick had cleaned most of the crap away. The four fish in there were happy to be in a clean environment again. She continued cleaning and weeding around that pond as I went to the garden to weed eat the walkways.
After lunch, we began weeding the actual raised beds...removing old plant skeletons from last summer and accumulated weeds. It was a tough haul, but the earth which stuck to the weed clumps was not an issue, because I would have to shovel dirt out to amend it for this season anyway. We will do that today. I know we’ll have a slow start, because my back is sore and my hands are slightly swollen and tight from weed pulling, shoveling and unloading tons of dirt from the little trailer.
Sometime today, I MUST get the pool pump, filter and hoses installed to start fighting the same green growth which has claimed every pool in early spring, since the beginning of time. It is a thankless job for all that is gained in the way of swimming here in Northern New York. The season is short and usually the water is cold....far from refreshing.... more like torture until you’ve been in the water for about five minutes. I would rather use the hot tub...even in the heat of summer.
Then.....of course, there is the turkey run extension to lay out, so the posts can be inserted and the gates hung.
Oh yeah...then there is Phil and Shelly’s fencing and Judy’s bathroom to finish too.
There is a farm store to build, a tool shed/welding building, that west side fence, the barn roof overshot and probably a lot more to I guess I better get crackin’......
Below are the pictures of yesterday... ENJOY
The raised bed gardens

Weeds removed, leaves Lavender (front left) and garlic. (left rear)
Deep wood chips will fill the walkways to smother weeds.
The emergency generator standing by.....

The boards need installed onto the fence posts...then the wire.

Rounding the corner, are more posts to install boards and wire on.

Fence posts need to be installed on the side and straight back to join existing fence.

The garden pond out front...complete with fish
The fish were happy with their clean, new, surroundings

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