Thursday, May 17

Thursday, May 17th... What a Wonderful Feeling Of Life To Behold...

 Final Note For The Day....

Tomorrow early in the morning, we are leaving for Long Island to attend a graduation party for our grandson Andrew (Mookie) Alderman. He is graduating from Adelphi University tomorrow. In light of this....there will not be time for a blog before leaving home. Look for another post on Saturday morning.  

Behold, all the gifts I have given you....

A slight touch.

A tender feeling of awareness in the darkness, which releases a very comfortable which radiates from my heart all the way to my brain.
It coheres... so aesthetically that all the separate parts fit together and add up to a harmonious or credibly whole understanding. That understanding is derived from within, but from a beatifically being, capable of the alpha and omega of life...for nothing comes of this touch but love....

Morning again...and what a beautiful morning it is...chilly, but with a slight breeze and a beautiful blue sky. This will truly be a great day to turn all the animals free to roam and chew on some tender, luscious grass. Max, our new Llama, is already at home here and very happy. He has settled in and assumed the position as the guardian of the less than Vick and I expected.
Today we will hook up the trailer and take off for the Stemple family sawmill, in East Berne to pick up about one hundred and twenty-five linear feet of 6" boards and a few 2 x 4's for the east fence project. I doubt that they will have the 2 x 11 planks we need for the asparagus and melon bed that we will be placing near the pool deck, on the east side of the house, but that’s okay. 11" wide planks 2" thick and 10 feet long, may not be the easiest things to come by...even for a saw mill. It takes a special log for that size lumber, but that is what we need for a nice raised bed for the perennial asparagus plants and our cantaloupes and watermelons. Last year they were not protected and the deer ate every last one of them, killing the plants and doing away with the melons.
We also have a bunch of 4" thick cap blocks to place in the lake at the dam, to repair a section damaged by the high water of last month. This time we will reinforce the downstream side of the dam, making it similar to an earthen dam, complete with a lined spillway.
This coming Monday I start acupuncture...right after Vick’s appointment. Jordan Su, the licensed acupuncturist, believes she can help alleviate my knee pain by using that ancient art, which sends healing endorphins to the site of inflammation and swelling, caused by my deteriorating knee joints. I will talk to her about more synvisc injections, which will again lubricate the joint. I had these injections around April of 2010 and my doctor told me they would be good for about a year if I was lucky. Perhaps I need to do it again, but I will check with Jordan, to see what she thinks, after working on me a couple times. I had cortisone shots prior to the synvisc, but I really don’t care to have too many steroid shots if I can help it.
Well, I’m off to the to speak. If you’ve ever seen the animals when the door is opened in the morning, that’s exactly what it looks like...the beginning of the Boston Marathon at the crack of the starting gun!

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