Saturday, May 19

Saturday, May 19th, 2012... Late Start to a Rush...Rush Day...All the Way...

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Just a quick note to say that I haven’t gone back on my statement of posting today... I just got a late start, staying in bed until 9:30, this morning...zonked after the hellish trip to East Meadow, Long Island yesterday. The traffic was atrocious, both going to and from....especially in the Bronx where we move one mile in an hour. Further along the route...on the L.I.E.... we sat again. After the graduation lunch, (which we were late for) we went to Bill and Loraine’s house to pick up a few things we were to bring home...a bathroom stop and hugs and kisses, we headed home. A usual three hour trip, took all of four and a half hours...with traffic backed up on the L.I.E. again and at the Tarrytown exit, before the Tappan Zee bridge. That told us that the traffic was probably backed up to the 87-17 split on the thruway near the Ramapo service center.
I love Bill, Loraine and Andrew immensely...but have sworn off ever going to Long Island again! Vick agrees....but just doesn’t commit to it like I do.
Come to us guys....and enjoy the solitude. You don’t mind the traffic; You live it daily. I was on the verge of Killing everything and anyone in sight yesterday...several times!
We unloaded the car, went through the items that Bill sent home with us and now will deliver the other items to Lynda.
I filled the egg stand so customers find all the items they expect to find when they come. Chicken eggs, duck eggs and Turkey eggs are there... honey and jams are also available. There is maple syrup, Maple candy and our own processed meat chickens available from the house anytime by knocking on the door. We also have raw and processed fiber from our alpacas, sheep and Angora bunnies, meaning raw fleece and fibers, roving or yarn. We also have the fiber tools, such as yarn swifts and drop spindles. I’ll post more this evening when we are finished rushing around today.....

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