Monday, June 11

Monday, June 11th... Going For The Last Acupuncture Session Today...

Today, I finish up with the acupuncture treatments. They have stopped the sciatica and have given me a bunch of relief from my knee problems. I realize that the pains will could they not? Until I do something to relieve the tension on the muscles around the knee, which are carrying the burden of keeping the joint together and aligned, in lieu of the worn out and missing meniscus, it will return and even get worse. I am losing weight, which will lighten the load and remove unnecessary stress on the knee joint, but it will never be right again....maybe even if I have the knee replacement operation like my Mom did years ago. It is something I received form her along with the arthritis.....Thanks a million Mom!

Well...we finished the upstairs windows. (outside) We still have to trim them out inside, so we can hang the blinds and curtains, but that can be done inside when we have time or it is raining. Below is the picture of the west window in place and finished.
In and finished........
Looks like it's always been there...Now to finish that chimmney....
The next important job is to finish the turkey fencing and place the stones in the dam to retain water in the lake better for the fish, frogs and ducks. The material is I just need Mike, our helper, to carry the stones to me as I place them in the breast of the dam and remove the wood and sticks left from the beavers two years ago. Unless we repair the dam, it will completely drain and all the aquatic life will perish or have to move up or down stream to another location. With our help, it can return to a thriving lake for all that wildlife and aquatic life to continue enjoying. Well, I better get busy and leave the animals out for the day. It won’t be long before we leave for acupuncture......... Later!

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