Tuesday, June 5

Tuesday, June 5th... Moving Along With The Agenda At Hand...Making Headway...

We are working to the best of our ability...as we can...if we can... or whenever we can....in so many words! Yesterday was a miserable day, but I did the acupuncture without spasms or any discomfort of any kind. That was a real step forward toward the healing process we are looking for. By losing weight, toning muscles and releasing the tension of the ligaments and tendons around my knees, the acupuncturist believes she can reduce my knee pain significantly. Right now, I feel like a million bucks and hope to finish some tasks around here today.
One job in process right now is the turkey run...and another is the cleaning and purifying of the swimming pool so it is ready for swimming when the unbearable heat begins this summer. We also need to install the wire fencing over the wooden fencing on the west pasture we just finished. The alpacas are using it, but we must keep the gate closed to keep the ducks and chickens out, because they can walk right under the wood fencing. The dogs can’t use the yard at night either...for the same reason, not to mention that skunks and other undesirable critters could be in the yard, which the dogs would kill or fight with. As soon as the wire fencing is up, the yard will be void of these and the dogs can exercise there, day and night. (As long as the alpacas are not in there)
I have traced my heritage all the way back to the 1640’s on my mothers side... and in many branches of that family tree. I still have difficulty pinpointing which is the Indian, but have an idea. I cannot say with certainty until I find hard facts to prove it, but I still think it is the Cayugas of the Mingo tribe from Mifflin county, PA. I will keep searching to find the correct family name, but it leads to the Condren, Harmon and Summers branch. I now must follow them back individually, to make sure both of their ancestors were not immigrants, which immediately ends that branch. I must find one branch that simply melts away in this country, as would be the case for an Indian heritage. I should find a squaw that married an immigrant or a buck that married an immigrant woman, which is less likely...so I’m looking for an Indian woman whose family name simply ends without a trace. I think I have found that, but must research to be sure. I think it will ultimately land with the Summers branch, because there is historical record to that end.
If my origin is as I believe it might be...I have a very rich and exciting family tree with the Mingo’s, who were led by Chief Talgayeeta,(Tahgahjute, which is the original Indian spelling) also known as Chief (John) Logan. He was so named by his Father Shikellemus a Cayuga born on the shore of Cayuga Lake in New York. Shikellemus said he gave Talgayeeta a second name, "Logan", in honor of his great white friend John Logan, Provincial Secretary of the Pennsylvania Colony. Had he known what the whites would eventually do to his Mingo people, perhaps he would never have done so...nor would Chief Logan have kept and used that English name. All his life, he was friends to the English...and in the end they murdered his wife and children and his Father. Chief Talgayeeta was finally killed by his own nephew during an argument.
At this point, I still keep looking to find a shred of hard evidence as to whether this is my family line or not.

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