Friday, July 6

Friday, July 06, 2012...What A Major Anniversary Vick and I Have Each Year....

Beginning last year, Vick and I were invited to a 4th of July celebration at a local business’ property and was invited back again this year... especially after Bill and Jill, the owners, found out that we were also very patriotic. It begins in the evening with several hundred people assembling and enjoying a barbeque meal shared by all. Each person coming brings a dish or something for the meal. After that, there is a huge stage and music and they always speak about our freedoms, the constitution and the reason for being there on this fine day of celebration of our rights and freedom. Bill is very patriotic and I cherish his dedication to openly speaking about it and arousing a rebirth of excitement about our freedoms. Tomorrow, I’ll load a few pictures and a YouTube of the events. Bills daughter (16 years old) gave the speech delivered by Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty, or give me death” verbatim, all the way through and then Bill read the complete constitution and ten other people each read one of the first ten amendments, after which, they tacked each of them to a post on the stage with a knife, as would have been done in colonial times of the revolution.
I believe their will inevitably be another revolution sometime soon...for we will need to do something to right the wrongs of our government... of the people, by the people and for the people, in maintaining our hard fought and won liberties, from the past which seem to be slipping through our complacent fingers. If we continue to do nothing, we will lose the America we all love so very much!
We must not let our relatives and forefathers heroic acts of winning our independence through the many years die in vain. We will continue to attend this celebration of American Independence for as long as we can and Bill and Jill host it!
Today we are going to try to beat the heat. One way will be to go to Majestic Pools in Hudson to pick up a new filter for our pool....and probably put that baby into use. It’s that time of the year and the reason we clean and clean to get the pool ready for this weather. We’re gonna use it.

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