Tuesday, July 3

Tuesday, July 03, 2012...Bent and Bruised....But Still Puttering Along Life’s Road...

This morning dawned with clear blue sky...soft breeze and the promise of more heat. Our lake is about two feet lower than it should be, so soon... I’ll have to watch that the fish don’t come to the house at night for the garden hose. Last evening while I was out on the deck, I picked up a cup of water that someone had left sitting from Joe’s celebration of life on Sunday...and causally splashed it out into the yard, so I could drop the cup into the garbage. You know....I could swear I heard the individual blades of grass screaming and fighting over those drops of water I had thrown. It is dry...and getting even dryer, with no predicted rain in sight. The only hope is that tomorrow....somewhere in the capital district, we might receive some rain from thunderstorms....SOMEWHERE. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary! Married three and together six...It seems like only yesterday when we got together, yet like a lifetime....We have been together 24/7 since we got together and I never want it any other way. We go everywhere and do everything together, which I expect to continue until the day I die....and I will finally do that without her....though she will be at my side. If it should happen the other way around....God forbid...I will be at her side also. This morning I decided to take the leg pain in stride...and if it is meant to be...then it will be, but I will hobble and bobble to live my life as best I can and quit complaining about my pain, which is mine to bear until we can find the cause. After that I will immediately do whatever I need to that will correct the problem, or I will gladly live with it and enjoy life. I live with pills or wine now...but that controls the pain and I can function satisfactorily for the time being. Since Joe’s passing, we no longer have to be on pins and needles watching for problems or running to the hospital, so now things will calm and we will begin taking care of ourselves and our problems. We have a scheduled appointment for our doctor on the seventeenth and will do bloodwork a week before that....which is soon, probably within this week. I will then find out what they can check for. Perhaps a MRI or a CAT scan of the leg to see if the knee is totally shot or what ever it could be. If it’s the knee, I will lose weight and have the replacement and get back to work enjoying life without the pain. If that is not to be, then I will simply enjoy our life with the pain... It makes no matter to me right now...I am going to go places and enjoy our life! We have a farm store to build...animals to love and care for and a farm life to enjoy! Promise!!!

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