Saturday, June 30

Saturday, June 30, 2012... Trying To Get Back To Normal....As Normal Can Be...

Yesterday we decided to venture out to renew our lives and to begin over... functioning as usual since Joe has died. There are still the usual moments during the day when you see things, hear things, or simply mention something that spurs those feelings to begin all over again. It is as it should be though, for no one should drift from our midst and go unmentioned ever again...or their life and achievements never again mentioned.....

In that regard, I’d say everything is normal and we will remember Joe daily in everything we do. After all....Seldom does a day pass, that I am not reminded of my Mom and she passed almost nine years ago. (Seems like yesterday too)
In any event...Vick, our friend Judy and I, ventured to Stemple’s family sawmill in East Berne yesterday, with trailer and truck... to participate in a lumber sale at the mill. That family has fallen on hard times, with the death of their iconic leader and father, other illnesses and equipment breakdowns at the mill, so they arranged for a lumber sale to generate needed revenue to pay bills and hopefully get back into sawing operation. We filled the back of the truck and loaded the trailer with boards for Judy and ourselves at a good price AND....helped the Stemple’s at the same time. We will unload the lumber and return again, for we will need much more for building the farm store. Judy is finishing one of her rooms off in a barn board style look and another room is to be like wainscoting...only half way up the wall, then capped. She will need some more boards for the room she is doing floor to ceiling, when we return next time.
Today, we will spend our time preparing for the celebration of Joe’s life tomorrow, with friends and family arriving around noon or so. We don’t want it to be a sad thing....but rather a time of celebration and story telling for a man who really made it big in the world. He had not one enemy in the world, nor a soul alive which could utter a bad thought or word about him, for he was the kindest, most generous man I have ever known. He could always bring a smile to anyone’s face with his wit and charm....and could wow a crowd in seconds by picking up a musical instrument to play endless melodies. We will talk, laugh, tell stories and eat together while honoring this man so loved by all that knew him.

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