Thursday, June 28

Thursday, June 28th...Right Here Where We’ve Always Been, But So Lost......

THE MAN in his prime.....

It’s so hard to be creative when you are so sad!

Both Vick and I have our moments...especially when we bump into something... oh, there are a vast number of things which immediately remind us of her father, Joe. We cannot listen to one of his recorded songs entirely without a flood of tears...and certain things we see... like his chair cushion, the guest room where he stayed...or so many of the other little things that are present around our house, which bring the same results.
I know how Vicki feels, for nine years ago, I lost my mother, the one most important woman in my life at the time, to cancer too. As she drew her last breath, I was there to caress her hair, comforted her and encourage her to go with her mother and father...aunts and & sister, until she passed with them, into God’s waiting arms.
With Joe's passing, I too lost a great friend, role model and father-in-law, so we are both able to hang upon one another when the going gets rough.
There have been several incidents that actually help to sooth the pain and convince us that Joe is now a part of God’s Golden Band....singing and playing as he had done his entire life, but now, instead of for an earthly is to the glory of God throughout eternity. Those incidents may be shared with you all one day, but for now they are ours to hold and cherish.......

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