Tuesday, June 26

Tuesday, June 26th...Thank You For Your Patience....

We have lost a major part of our family today!
Vick's Dad, Joe Drao...lost his long battle with cancer this morning, about twenty minutes before our arrival at the "hospice Inn unit" at St. Peter's hospital in Albany.  The hospice staff there was keeping him pain free and comfortable until God and other departed family members came to carry Joe home, where he will spend eternity making beautiful music in God's presence.... as he did here on earth throughout his entire lifetime.
Vick, her brother and Mom are doing pretty well considering and we wish to thank you for your kind words of sympathy.
I have definitely lost a father, father-in-law, an icon, idol and friend, not to mention a great man...all in one fail swoop.

My sweetheart, Vick and her Dad.....

I will always remember Joe everytime I hear him singing this song and playing his trumpet....


  1. Prayers for your family member who is in the hopital/hospice.

  2. Thank you Helen. Joe lost his battle with cancer this morning right before we got there. BOTH Vick and I are both heartbroken, but appreciate your comments. Thanks again and God bless......Skip & Vick

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Vicki's father passing. Our sincere condolences to you and Vicki and your family. I listened to Joe and his trumpet on Youtube- so much soul in that trumpet.
    Play on, Joe!

  4. My condolences to Vicki, Skip, her Mother and brother and the other family members and friends.


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