Saturday, June 23

Saturday, June 23rd... Long Hard Days With Short Nights Makes You Tired...

A continuation of a hectic week, to say the least. read on to the bottom

Last Saturday was Farm Day at Lynda Witt’s antique barn. We sold a little and enjoyed it a lot! Paula was there doing Mosaic classes and selling her wares. We were selling farm goods and Lynda had the antique shop open. Ladybug Soaps was there with a bunch of nice items and we sold jams and candles for Judy or friend who was busy elsewhere for the day. Saturday evening, we went to an auction and had a great time! Vick and I love the auction atmosphere......a holdover from Pennsylvania, when we would go to (separate then) Amish and English auctions that lasted all day and took place at the sellers actual estate. They were not like this auction, which takes place in a nice auction house in Cairo. There we had to take chairs and sit in the sun (usually) among smelly Amish folk who have ripened in their heavy field clothing for a few and women alike.....( so it seemed anyway)
Anyway....we picked up a heavy wooden door with two panels of glass for a a wall cabinet, with six double doors for twenty dollars....both for the farm store. Vick got ten new tomato cages for a buck, two really nice watercolor pictures...framed for a buck and a beautiful, antique wall mirror for twenty bucks. We had a really good time and went with our friend Lynda after “farm days”. It will take place every week, so we plan to enjoy it regularly.
Yesterday sucked. Today should be better......we hope....

It is now Wednesday....we're tired from running all over the place...had a family member in the hospital for an outpatient procedure...went to the auction, bought a little tin toy and a lattice for the garden, somewhere....but Vick has the spot in mind.
Time for bed.......I'm pooped and tired of limping.

It is now Saturday again and we are still struggling along with the farm, the heat, my bad knees and a family member in the hospital, so running back and forth is taking the toll on a us all. I'm so sorry for not blogging regularly and seeming so elusive.... for I am not! We have just been burning the candle at both ends lately with our lives as they are.

Please be patient with us and we will get back to normal ASAP.  Thanks.........

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