Monday, July 30

Monday, July 30, 2012... Water In The Pond Looks Great...Medicine In Knees???

“Hard to say...It could be immediately or up to two weeks.” Those were the words of the doctor When I got my shots. Last time it was immediately, that day. This time it isn’t so quick. I notice an improvement every day, but it’s slower....and I’m older.

Lots of news and no time to tell you, so I’ll highlight now and expand later or tomorrow.

1. We are building a new turkey house as soon as Vick gets back from her appointment today. Knee pain or’s going up so the new turkeys can be moved.

2. We are going tomorrow to take Vick’s Mom out for lunch/dinner.

3. My son Joe, his wife Christina, daughters Logan and Ava and twin sons Alex and Brayden are coming to visit the farm on Aug 5th, 6th and 7th.

4. Vick removed a large basket of vegetables last evening from the garden.

So, now I have to go clean and box eggs for customers, feed and water, eat and be ready to leave by 10:00 and it’s already 8:37....Better get cracking.

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