Saturday, July 14

Saturday, July 14, 2012...The Visit Is Over And The Longing Begins Anew...

My daughter Joanne, my grandson’s Gage and Lucas and her mother-in-law Paula.... an old high school friend from the sixties spent Tuesday through Friday morning here with Vick and I. We spent the entire time talking, laughing and reliving old times and new around the kitchen table, back deck or in and on the pool deck. We dined on pizza, had a cook out and went to Albany for a Chinese Buffet and a little shopping once too. We had a great time and now are longing for the next visit. My son Joe, his wife Christina, their two daughters and twin boys wanted to come up a few weeks ago, but couldn’t, as we were constantly at the hospital...where Vick’s Dad passed away, only a few days later.
Now we are looking forward to them having another chance to come up for a visit, so we can relax and have fun with them as we did with Joanne. I know Logan, Alex and Brayden will be okay in the pool, but I’m not sure about Ava...If she is like Lucas though, she’ll pop right in!
We are planning a trip to see my Dad in Huntingdon, PA soon because he is facing some medical issues with his sugar. They had to amputate his big toe and are now talking about cutting his foot off....perhaps above the foot, but usually when this occurs, it is just below the knee. He says he is not going to allow that, so who knows what he will do or say later....He is such a stubborn person at times. Anyway, we want to get down there to visit with him before anything happens to him, because he is now going on 85 years old, which he will achieve on August 8th of this year. When we get down there to see him, Joanne is going along to visit too. We will stay overnight, doing some shopping and picking up goodies only available there before coming home the next day. We always get some sweet Lebanon bologna, whoopie pies, moon pies and angle crème filled doughnuts....all of which are almost impossible to find here. Vick also likes to visit a couple of the Amish stores to buy tableware and other items.... I just enjoy puttering along.
We’ll have dinner at Joanne’s house and hopefully Joe, Christina and the kids can come to visit for an hour or so before we head back to the Super 8 to snooze and recharge for the trip home the next day.
Last evening we were at Vick’s brother and Mom’s house for a bon voyage party for their son Ken, who is beginning a career with Celebrity Cruise Lines as a lighting consultant for the cruise ship’s entertainment department. He will be seeing the world on their nickel...including food, lodging, health care and he’ll be paid to do it! What a great way to live your life...traveling all over the world for free and getting paid to do it!!! Yeah Kenny....Way to go!
While there, we were visited by a large black bear. He comes every evening to grab a bite to eat from their garbage cans or bird feeders. He is a beautiful fellow that I estimate to be close to four hundred pounds or better. He’s a hog bear, exhibiting those short legs, unlike the long lanky legs of his cousin, the dog bear. Hunters will be in hot pursuit of this guy if they hear about him frequenting this mountain range, because the dog bear’s meat is as tasty as any beef you’ll ever eat. The dog bear however would not even interest a discriminate hunter, for their meat is musty like, long, stringy and tastes terrible. Anyway...below are some pictures and this link at YouTube just click on the blue link to view the video Vick made.

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