Thursday, July 26

Thursday, July 26, 2012... Hatching Ducks, Chickens And Tornadoes.......

Incubating this year proves to be a mystery of our innate ability to successfully hatch out any kind of chicks. Last year we had remarkable success in incubating, but this year we were only successful in hatching six chicks. Four have already joined the adult ranks and we have another two in the brooding house with the meat birds which will soon be set free to join the “big barns”. Our Turkeys are getting about eight to ten inches tall, almost have all their feathers and are probably over the thirty day “critical period” where they have little, to no immune system to fight off any kind of disease. We went to Lowe’s yesterday and bought all the materials needed to make a new turkey house next to the existing one. With a new one there, the adults can exit into the large, new, grassed run and the new poults in the brooding house now, will go into the existing turkey house with a separate run in the front. When they are old enough to join the adult ones, I will open a slide gate between the houses and put them all in the adult side. I can then enter new day old poults into the old house under heat lamps and brood them right in there. That leaves the brooding house for meat birds and/or incubators on the shelves above.

Tomorrow I go for the cortisone shots in my knees. Looking forward to that visit!
Hopefully I can get a little more mileage out of these props before I have to go and have them replaced. Right now the muscle pain and sciatica is almost unbearable. The shots should stop that.
I hope we make it through the storms today unscathed. We canceled taking Vick’s Mom to dinner this afternoon because of the high wind and tornado warnings. When they are calling for this kind of weather, we need to be at the farm and her Mom needs to be safe at home. A tornado at their house, so far up in the mountains is almost impossible, but for is highly possible, so we want to remain here until the threat passes. They predict the worst of the weather to hit around three this afternoon, so hang onto your hats....We will

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