Monday, July 23

Monday, July 23rd...2012 Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall....Where????

This morning we awoke to the heavenly sounds of thunder. Rain? Not so very much... it rained long and hard enough to soak the deck boards. That my friends does not take very much rain, for it can be wet in a minute of sprinkling. The pond is actually very sick looking and close to the drop off ledges into the sixteen foot abyss intended to be a saving point for the fish in both winter and during a drought such as this one. Still, I would feel a lot better if it would rain for a couple days causing the ponds, lakes and swamps to return to normal again.
Today is acupuncture day with Jordan Su in Delmar. Vick will meditate and undergo the needles while I remain in the car reading on my the acupuncture failed to do it’s job on my problems. No amount of needles and spiritual healing will replace missing knee cartilage, so it was a vain attempt to manage the pain. I go to the bone and joint center on the 27th for a cortisone shot in each knee, which will help the aching pain caused from using the knee.
Yesterday we went to Schoharie county to visit our friend Joan. She had a large portable greenhouse for us to pickup, so we stayed an hour or so and visited with her and another friend. Joan is preparing to move to Rhode Island as soon as her house sale closes. We will miss her even though it is only a few hours to her from our house...and we will visit back and forth.
Tomorrow is a trip to Washington County....a fun one to simply get away. We will go to places we cannot visit when we are specifically running up there for product to sell, so these fun trips are always looked forward to by both Vick and I. Our friend Isabelle and her dog Carly will go along, because she will soon be moving to Florida, when her house sale closes too. Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit Isabelle and Ralph like we will Joan, because we don’t fly and it’s too far to drive. Ralph and Isabelle do however fly and they will return to visit occasionally.
Well, I guess I had better get the animals out, fed and watered, because it won’t be long before we must make the trip to Delmar....Stay tunes for some really lousy pond pictures... It’s worse than ever.

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