Sunday, July 22

Sun. July 22nd...Unto The Sun Doeth They Surrender and Shrivel Away......

Just a few moments ago, two wild geese glided over the house, honking as usual during their touchdown in the lake. I can’t help but wonder what their honking was about as the dropped into the puddle like lake that last month was ten times as large and thriving with life. It now resembles a dried mining pond, lined with stone and cracked shoreline from the drought. It has become a Mecca for snapping turtles, which I must shoot almost on a daily basis to keep our ducks safe. With all the surrounding swampland drying up, the turtles are looking for standing water and are arriving here almost nightly. Without killing those snapping turtles in our pond, we would lose ducks left and right as the turtles fed on them. They are also feeding on the fish which have less and less chance of escape as the lake continues to dry up. Thank goodness we made it sixteen feet deep in the center or it would be about the sides are bare and the water is nearly at the ledge where the water drops off to the sixteen foot depth. Had we simply made it a gradual slope to the center, we would only have about two feet of water left. The fish are still doing fine and are all hanging in the deep cool water of the center area. Hopefully we will receive a good soaking rain that lasts a couple of days and all the area waterways can return to normal again. We are all praying for that.
Well, yesterday was the second “Farm Day” at Lynda’s farm, garden and antique center. We had very few people stop by, but there is a major music thingie going on the entire weekend at the Grey Fox complex in Durham. With that taking place, we were not surprised that attendance with us was reduced. We hope that perhaps next month it will be better, because that is the only venue we use to sell our goods off the farm anymore. Farmer’s markets are so fickle and cost an arm and a leg to attend with set up charges that cut into the usually less than meager profits anyway, so we have decided to sell only from the farm.
We have a lot of work to do on the farm yet and we're getting ready to build the farm store. I am looking forward to my appointment at the bone and joint center in Albany on the 27th. I’ll get cortisone shots that day and see if I can possibly be scheduled to get synvisc injections again like I did two years ago. That can extend my need for knee replacement for a few more years. The doctors don’t like to do the replacement when you’re too young because they only last about ten years and then you have to have them redone. Bummer....who needs the hastle or the inferior parts in the first place. All I know is that the pain is becoming more and more debilitating as time goes by. Now I suffer sciatica during the day and often times, in the night which wakes me. I’m counting on the shots to stop this now. I Hope.
On the farm, all remains the same.....even as it is always changing. Old chickens chickens hatch. The broad breasted white turkeys are almost ready to go to the turkey run with the heritage birds... and another two weeks will see us wrangling twenty meat birds to the processor up north, due to lack of a closer, better processor which is stupid. There is a goldmine of profit to be made if someone would only open a good poultry cleaning and processing business around here.
We have an incubator running in the basement, full of duck and chicken eggs. We have orders for chicks and ducks from friends and neighboring customers.....and there are possibly a few hens for us too. If not, I will need to brood a batch to replace older layers we now have or to replace ones that die. Life always goes on at the farm......some things never change.

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