Monday, August 20

Monday, August 20, 2012... Today Busy, Tomorrow Busy, Always Busy......Whew...

Today we are going to an appointment with the acupuncturist and then running other little tasks and errands. We are making ready for our trip to Pennsylvania to visit my Dad, my kids and brother if we can all connect. We will be leaving around two AM on Thursday morning and will return Friday sometime in the late afternoon. We have a house sitter to take care of the vicious mongrels that would tear off the limbs of a intruder we will use the house sitter to make sure we do not come home to a bloody mass of someone who broke in! Someone has to be here to leave them out into the fenced area to do their business too, you know. We have friends also coming to do the barn feeding and watering, so we’re covered to be able to stay over, thus reducing a ten hour drive to a five hour drive each day.
Last evening, we went to our friend’s Isabelle and Ralph’s house to load and remove some square bales of hay, which we took home and unloaded into the hay mow for safe keeping. They were large, 70# bales of good second cutting hay that we will hold in reserve for this winter, during deep snows and extremely cold, windy days when the boys won’t want to go outside and stand at the hay feeder. It can also be given to our bunnies all winter long. Loading it was a breeze using the hay elevator Isabelle gave us. It works great and is a welcome device accepted by two old farmers like Vick and myself. We are always complaining about our cats entering the house with a mouse or we hat that they do that. Who wants a mouse in the house, even if it is dead, not to mention the ones they bring in and play with. Sometimes they escape only to be caught by me later in a mouse trap or maybe the cats catch it again first. Either way, we hate that....especially when it is a bird or bunny...However, yesterday....Kallee made up for it when I came down to find her proudly displaying a Least Weasel for my approval. That made up for all the things she unmercifully killed around the farm! That weasel was able to wipe out an entire henhouse, one at a time....or possibly several every night, missing none unless we or the cats caught and killed it. Below are a few pictures of the ornery, sharp toothed little devil....cute, but entirely lethal as a predator. Kalli certainly paid her keep this time!!!!!!! Okay Puddy and Kalee... you better get with the program, your aunt and sister is showing you up as far as doing good deeds go!
I know...I know...It's such a cutie....

It however has deadly sharp teeth and is a wirey little terror!
See the size in comparison to my hand....
It is fully capable of killing a full grown rabbit, five times it's own weight. Chickens are easy too!

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