Sunday, August 19

Sunday, August 19, 2012... Time Marches On...And So Does The Weather......

 was only last week that I mentioned we were on summer break until the weather changed and I had to wear a flannel shirt, which would mark the beginning of autumn and we would start the farm store. Well, I’m not falling for this false change. I think we have a little more stifling heat to deal with before we can expect to start a fire in the morning to combat the chill of fall. With that belief, I’m gonna just do some chores and planning while I “vacation” a little and wait this thing out for a bit. Were it October, I would succumb to the notion that summer was over and fall had begun, but we’re still only in the middle of August yet, so......nah, I’m not buyin’ it. I will unload our trailer this morning. It still has the twenty foot extension ladder, fencing, a gate, a like new hay elevator, a Rubbermaid water trough that we’ll use for hay in the alpaca pen and many other small things too numerous to mention...all given to us by our friend’s Isabelle and Ralph. She still has a bunch of second cutting hay (75 pounders) in her barn that she is giving to us also. She is one of the first and BEST friends we made up here when we moved in and we would do ANYTHING for the two of them....ANYTIME!!!!! In fact, we’re going to drive her to pick up her new puppy as soon as she makes arrangements. (it’s in Virginia and we’ll meet the guy somewhere in between if he agrees) We also have to go to Isabelle’s house to pick up a sofa ands some other furniture and office items soon, for we are losing them to Florida as soon as they close of their farm in Coxsackie, which will be soon. They will move in with us if the closing comes before they are ready to depart for Florida, so they do not have the burden of paying for a hotel stay. We’ll certainly miss them, even though we can communicate and send pictures by email and text each other. WOW...Kudos to Panera!!! A Panera eatery in Nashua, N.H., helped fulfill a last request for a grandson’s dying grandmother by specially making a soup for her just the other day. It seems the grandmother has terminal cancer and requested a bowl of Panera’s clam chowder on last Tuesday...and her grandson, knowing that Panera only serves their clam chowder on Fridays AND...that his grandmother would probably not last until Friday, called and asked if they could help him out by fulfilling her last request. They did and gave a box of cookies to go along with the soup also. The grandmother ate ten spoonfuls of the soup and has not eaten another thing since. She is on a morphine drip and slowly passing at this time. God bless this grandson, Panera and most of all the grandmother, as she prepares to leave this life for a greater adventure.... I will always support Panera...... Well folks, I think I will venture off with a cup of coffee and enjoy it on the front porch with my kindle for a little bit before unloading that trailer and truck. See you again tomorrow morning, Until then, enjoy the coolness and the rest of summer.

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